Nothing We Ever Do, No Method We Can Devise Will Ever Allow Us To Cross the Event Horizon of a Black Hole

Oct 17, 2020
No matter what you do, you will never reach the event horizon of a black hole. As you approach, the event horizon will recede into the distance relative to your speed, distance, and observation. Because our observations are limited fundamentally by the finite speed of light, there will always be a pocket of infinity we cannot access with measurable dimensions of spin, mass, charge, and radius. As we approach the singularity (approach being a relative term, as the singularity is eternity and we can only grow closer to it in relative terms) the measurable dimensions of the black hole will be altered and changed in accordance with the laws of physics. Our sense of time is altered so that time in areas of the universe home to less powerful sources of gravity appear to move much faster. As you approach the original position of the event horizon, gravity alters the flow of time to compensate for your position in space. Essentially you accelerate through time by crossing the original event horizon, which is a boundary in spacetime through which nothing younger than 13.8 billion years old can cross. The event horizon is an illusion caused by our fundamentally limited perspective, one that separates us from the perspective of eternity (no man may look upon the face of God and live). Improving upon our perspective through augmentation will alter our perception of the external dimensions of the singularity, but the singularity is perpetual beyond beginnings and ends and so exists eternally beyond our grasp. No matter how hard you try, no matter what methods you conceive of or what laws of physics you manage to "alter" or "bypass" you cannot cross the event horizon of a black hole, and you cannot perceive eternity, because we all exist uniquely on the eternal spectrum governed by the rules of observation that define the parameters of our existince (in our case, General Relativity as defined by the limitation of the relative speed of light in a vacuum, in combination with quantum mechanics which constrains all possibility within the parameters of relative infinity). Our ideas of God have centered around Myths of Creation. Yet all along the truth was right in front of us: matter cannot be created or destroyed. It never has been, and it never will be, because existence itself is eternity.


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