No Matter What You Do, You Will Never Reach Absolute Zero


Oct 17, 2020
"Yet reaching absolute zero has been called impossible: as you continue to remove heat from a gas to cool it, the work needed to remove the heat increases."
This is no different than searching for a fundamental unit of spacetime, which is no different than searching for a beginning of the Universe.
As you continue to search for smaller and smaller units of spacetime, the magnification and precision needed increase. There is no limit to how much closer you can get to absolute zero. There is no limit to how much smaller a unit of spacetime you can measure.
Such is the nature of an Infinite Universe.
Every object that exists is a singularity with dimensional boundaries that exist only as a relative inhibition on our capacity for observation. Within every single object is an infinite universe beyond our capacity to describe. You could zoom in on a single skin cell, finding new ways to describe it and new properties and physics within you never dreamed of, and keep doing so to infinity.
You can zoom in on a quarter, increasing the magnification and precision of your observations to infinity, unlocking new secrets and mysteries all along the way.
No matter what you do, you will always fall infinitely short of Eternal knowledge and Eternal observation.
"There are more things in Heaven and Earth, Horatio, then are dreampt of in your philosophy."
There is only one truth: The Universe is Infinite
Jan 27, 2020
I'm unsure from reading the article if they're referring to Zeptosecond light speed in gaseous molecular dihydrogen H2, or if they refer to hydrogen atoms bound in other molecules like water, or simple hydrogen, H.

However, I am pleased as punch that the Meerkats, one of my favorite vertebrate species, seemed to perk up with our arrival back at the zoo.


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Mar 4, 2020
I believe it to be impossible to prove that the universe is infinite. It's far more likely that it has a size. And I believe that if you go out from that size, by 100 times that size, you will find absolute zero all around us.

Absolute zero might fill infinitely. Pristine, unpolluted space is at absolute zero. The space around this universe is full of static. EM emissions. Which have energy and temperature.

It's not what you do, it's where you are. If there is any mass around, you have temperature.