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Newb needs info from Cosmologist Superbrains

Dec 22, 2019
And thank you for taking time to read this

Halley's Comet.

One end of the gravitational orbit of HC is Sol but what is the gravitational anomaly for it's return? A mini black hole?

I ask as I find it unrealistic to believe that a high velocity and massive object would suddenly decide to loop-the-loop and return to our solar system.
Frequency variations re appearance could be attributed to how much of the coma is re-absorbed by HC being the nearest mass with the heaviest pull.
I have found nothing to help me with this and this has boggled my limited mind for some time.

All replies will be gratefully received even from geocentrists or Copernicans (poor old Aristarchus of Samos, bless him, came up with the same theory 1,800 years earlier)

I will endeavour to reply to all posts ;o)

Ar Bliss U
Dec 11, 2019
According to Isaac Newton's law of gravity: F(g) = (G*m1*m2)/r^2 where m1 = Mass of the Sun and m2 = Mass of HC, r is the distance between the Sun and HC and G is the gravitational constant. Highly elliptical cometary orbits are not essentially different from the more or less circular orbits of the planets (which are actually mildly elliptical too). So HC doesn't need anything on the "far end" of its orbit to turn it around and send it back towards the sun. Good ol' Sir Isaac suffices....
Jan 27, 2020
According to Einstein, the mass of the Sun distorts space time and jolly old Mr Sun sits in a solar system centered gravity well which deforms space time beyond the orbit of the comets in the Oort Cloud.
The Einstein tensor is:
\mathbf {G} ={\frac {8\pi G}{c^{4}}}\mathbf {T} ,

The quantity G (which measures curvature) is equated with the quantity T (which measures matter content) and G is the gravitational constant of Newtonian gravity, and c is the speed of light from special relativity.

As a result, all the planets, planetessimals, asteroids and comets fall around this space time distortion.