New SARS-Like Virus in China May Spread Between People in Limited Cases


Aug 15, 2020
Its interesting to see what we were being told by China in January 2020.

This was written on the 15th January 2020 by which stage the police censored Whistleblower Dr Li was in hospital in quarantine with Covid-19.

On 8 January, Whistleblower Dr. Li Wenliang contracted COVID-19 unwittingly while treating an infected patient at his hospital

On 12 January, Dr. Li Wenliang was admitted to intensive care at Houhu Hospital District, Wuhan Central Hospital,[30]where he was quarantined and treated.[28]

Dr. Li Wenliang died on the 7th Feb

The livescience post was very good and shows why we need to learn from history about the way countries, leaders and people behave.

We cannot afford to wait we need to live in the now and see action and change in China, our own countries and ourselves now.

Dont forget the Whistle-giver Dr Ai Fen she disappeared, now is no longer working and appears to have serious health problems. Some reports link the health issues to indirect Chinese Government action

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