Mysterious deep-space flashes repeat every 157 days

Jun 10, 2020
So how many Light flashes signal have been discover over the years? This first article I seen on radio wave bursts patterns. . But I never hear much on light wave signals or burst.. Which to me are more common.
Reason I ask about light wave ones. I been recording one on my cell phone. To me it might be just a new satellite in our area. But not sure. The problem I have with the recording. Is when I play it back. Only the white show up. But with the naked eye you can see a flash of red and or green show. That why I think it more of a satellite then something else.
Also did anyone do the light refraction study yet? Look at old space photos and compare them with today photos yet? To discover habitable planets??? Think about it. Like our planet the more people on a technology advance planet. The more light pollution as I call it. We send out at night. So over course of years. A planet surface gets brighter and brighter at night...