Molecular devices coming to reminiscent of brain plasticity

Jul 29, 2021
In a discovery published in the journal Nature, an international team of researchers has described a novel molecular device with exceptional computing prowess.

Reminiscent of the plasticity of connections in the human brain, the device can be reconfigured on the fly for different computational tasks by simply changing applied voltages. Furthermore, like nerve cells can store memories, the same device can also retain information for future retrieval and processing.

Another step to make our more and more complicated and powerful computational demands to be effective.

As we know, the human brain is the most energy demanding system in our body, still being enormously powerful and effective. Brain plasticity is one of the miracles of how not only some neurons can replace others that have been damaged. The neuron cells may change their structure for taking new responsibilities.

Bringing that understanding is outstanding: speed and effectiveness of computation, and so needed less power consumption.