Mind-controlling fungus makes male flies mate with dead, infected females

Oct 3, 2022
I’m revealing the technology of controlling humans by satellite waves
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How I understand the technology?

About five years ago, something important happened to me.
Government communicated with me in my mind by satellite waves. They can talk with people in their mind. They did it to me.
I slapped myself several times and I made sure that I’m awake.
After days they showed me so many other capabilities of this technology during four years.
I don’t want to explain my whole five-year story here. For now, I’m revealing important information on this account.
I will explain my whole story in a movie in the future.
Search “tin foil hat” on Google to get more information.
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How they control us?

After disputing with this technology for five years, I got so much information about it.
High-level politicians control people’s body and brain by satellite waves.
You are controlled from the government of your country.
They have an amount of power on every human. But their power changes depend on your activities. There are so many rules about your activities. Read the next post to know some of the rules.

Important rules

1. When you’re having sex, they get a huge amount of power to control you by satellite waves.
2. When you masturbate with a photo of a celebrity, they get so much power to control you by satellite waves.
3. When you’re smoking cigarette or hubble bubble, they get much power to control you by satellite waves.
4. When you are in subway, they get much power to control you by satellite waves.
5. When you’re thinking about God or religion, they get power to control you by satellite waves.
6. When you are in bathroom or toilet, they get power to control you by satellite waves.
7. When you are in a room of your house, they get much power to control you by satellite waves.
And so many more rules.

More details about the technology

This technology is so powerful.
They can change everything in our body and brain.
For example they can make you feel love with someone. The feeling can be simple or so hard.
They can increase or reduce your sexual desire.
They can make you neural and angry with someone insofar as you want to kill that person.
And so many other changes.

Use magnet to prevent the waves

So many people think that they can prevent the waves by using tin-foil-hat. But as I have so much experience about this technology, I know that tin-foil-hat doesn’t work.
If you want to prevent the waves, you need to put a magnet on your head. The magnetic field of a magnet can deflect the waves. But tin-foil-hat has nothing against the waves.
But even putting a medium-power magnet can just prevent about 10% of the satellite waves.
If you want to prevent the waves completely, you need to use a very powerful magnet.