Mars meteorite that crashed to Earth contains 'huge diversity' of organic compounds

Dec 4, 2019
From the title we read"'huge diversity' of organic compounds",
while we also read from the same article "found examples of at least five different types of organics compounds." How does 5 equal a huge diversity? How big is huge to you, surely more than a thousand?

Methinks the desperate study to find life on Mars, or at least evidence that there once was life, is really getting carried away from the high probability that there is no life on Mars and never was. Why do so many want there to have been life on Mars? If there never was life on Mars we would perhaps appreciate what we have on earth a lot more, realizing that life is extremely rare thus we are quite gifted.

Same thing with finding earth-like extrasolar planets, when of the thousands found so far, none are even close to earth-like in spite of the hype, as in tidally-locked, hot, huge gravities, variable suns, no known water etc. The truth is being stretched remarkably for news. Our moon is probably the most earth like discovered so far since it, at least, is smack in the middle of a known goldilocks zone, is solid (as opposed to a gas giant) , reasonable gravity and has some water.