James Webb Telescope finds evidence of 'celestial monster' stars the of 10,000 suns lurking at the dawn of time


Aug 29, 2023
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The Absolute Truth About The Universe:

There are thousands of astrophysicists & scientists and scholars wonder at the exact age of the universe, yet they can't pinpoint the center or point of origin of the universe. Instead, they thought that origin or starting point or singularity start at a very distant place from earth due to the lightyear distances as observed light approaching in the radio telescopes. They thought that those in the farthest were the youngest galaxies or stellar objects in the universe. When they looked into the distant part of universe they are thinking that they are looking into the first cradle of universe. They are unaware that those farthest galaxies or farthest objects seen in our radio telescopes are not the oldest objects in the universe. The exact age of universe is not a double of 13.77 billions years nor it was 13.77 billions yrs. The first light started in 16,672,660,164 years. That was the exact age of universe in its cradle state.