Italy non-SARS-nCov2 Influenza deaths in previous years are higher than the SARS-nCov2 deaths this year

In Italy:

"We estimated excess deaths of 7,027, 20,259, 15,801 and 24,981 attributable to influenza epidemics in the 2013/14, 2014/15, 2015/16 and 2016/17"

"Investigating the impact of influenza on excess mortality in all ages in Italy during recent seasons (2013/14–2016/17 seasons)"

Total Deaths reported as SARS-nCoV2 as of 23/02/2020 are 5,476.

So we need to know this: How many people in Italy died each and every day from non-SARS-nCoV2 strains of Influenza?

This data is not available. Does anybody else wonder why that data is not reported? If it is, then please post a link so that we can plot a graph with two lines on it and settle this thing once and for all!

So with the social distancing, and general shutting down of society, and the end of the winter, nobody should be surprised to see the number of deaths reach an asymptote.

The authorities will claim that their social distancing stopped the spread of the virus, but how could they possibly know unless they release the daily deaths from non-SARS-nCov2 Influenza and Pneumonia alongside the onces they claim are caused by SARS-nCov2?

People need to start pressing for these numbers. The authorities are asking for a huge sacrifice from us, and a huge amount of power for them, so we have every right to insist that the onus is on them to over prove their case and to address all questions.

It is true that the study is for excess mortality and assumes that the cause of the excess was influenza. But, we are in a different regime now. Now every single dead body's lungs can and should be lab tested for a fatal viral load and the virus that caused the death in that person needs to be recorded. No more "excess deaths". That is not good enough anymore, since the authorities want all of this power, they need to explain themselves - not us explain ourselves.
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Mar 30, 2020
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In Italy:

So we need to know this: How many people in Italy died each and every day from non-SARS-nCoV2 strains of Influenza?
You think we'll EVER get these numbers LOL. That's NOT going to happen. Here in the USA before the COVID-19 Epidemic, there were between 35K to 65K deaths ANNUALLY during cold and flu season, JUST from Influenza. In January the CDC was warning that this could be one of the worst years ever. That's not even counting H1N1. If you factor in that deaths during Cold and Flu season are about 50% higher than during the summer that works out to a daily death toll of around 267 daily deaths during the winter, or around 16K deaths since the beginning of this epidemic in the USA, vs right now in the USA we have only 2490 deaths total from COVID-19.
The reality is that the Big Pharma industry around the world spends BILLIONS of dollars on Ads and Politicians, so they're looking to cash out their chips. Just like they whipped the world into a Frenzy over H1N1, they're doing the same thing with this one. Once they got the world to give them BILLIONS for stockpiles of Tamaflu, Relenza and eventually vaccines for H1N1. They're now reworking the playbook for this next "Emergency". That's why you NEVER see news organizations comparing this to the flu, unless making dire predictions like, "Oh, it's WAY More infectious and WAY more people will die from this. I mean how many times are they going to show Mayor Bill de Blasio in front of his EMPTY emergency hospital for when NY hospitals are "Eventually" overwhelmed? People point to how Wuhan hospitals were overwhelmed, but what they didn't realize is that the city grew SO FAST that they never kept up with Hospital capacity. NYC has around 55K Hospital beds in a city of around 8M people. Wuhan with 11M people only had 5.5K Hospital beds when this thing first started. Sure they have a much younger population in Wuhan, but seriously, 10X LESS???
Guess What people. Surprise, Surprise. OLD PEOPLE DIE. Any other time, if a "Cold" was taking out 80 and 90 year olds en masse, no one would even blink, but I guess these days people expect to live forever. Funny how history seems to repeat itself. Emperor Qin Shi Huang consumed cinnabar, in hopes that it would make him live forever. We "Consume" Vaccines in hopes that they will keep sickness away. Both are laced with Mercury, a DEADLY poison!