Question Is thirty minutes of exercise outside safe inside a lockdowned country?

Mar 27, 2020
I live in India where there is a 21 day lockdown. Unlike the UK lockdown, there are no official guidelines on stepping out for a walk while maintaining SD guidelines. So what should I do? How do I encourage authorities online to allow safe and responsible daily exercise routines? What data and studies (if any) are available at the moment to support my claims?


Mar 16, 2020
Please exercise indoors as India is not UK and spread of virus in india is largely unmonitored and therefore risks of going out is not advisable
Mar 28, 2020
It is just my opinion that staying indoors can be a problem, because it will allow for many other micro-organisms to flourish in your body. It is important during normal times NOT to stay in a small space because it will enable bacteria and other organisms like fungus to grow in your body and near your body, while regular activity like going to work, going to the store, going outside for recreation, will cause your environment to change often, which will prevent the prolific growth of micro-organisms. I am not a professional, but this is normally not wisdom to stay in your home all of every day, and can cause illness without new exposure.
Apr 7, 2020
Staying indoors in a multi-residential building can be a problem as a virus can move from one infected room to another especially with forced air circulation. But going outdoors for a short time cannot help much other than some exercise is good for general health and improving immunity. It may be helpful in warding off other health problems but probably will not help much with coronavirus. If you are healthier, the effect of coronavirus may be milder. Just a thought.


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