Is the CMB a map to the first black holes and nothing else? Are galaxies holographic projections from the black holes?

Dec 23, 2019
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Are we a hologram inside a hologram?
Does the density of information shape the universe?
Does quantum information cause the fabric of spacetime to bend?
Does all this information suggest a type of quantum computer is involved?
How sure are we that Dark Matter is physical to our reality?
Does the holographic principle go inward and outward of a black hole resulting in "dark matter"?
Was the CMB the original inward projection of our parent black hole?
Do Black Holes project quantum fluctuations? Do fluctuations occur in cosmic voids?
Is Dark Matter heavier because it is real matter ..and we are not? Does being projected mean our influence on the fabric of spacetime is less? Does being projected mean we gain decoherence and time? Are we physical only because the holographic principle allows it? Are quantum fluctuations being projected as well, is it the medium of the projection? Are we being projected from the closest Black Hole ..or all the way out of the Universe? Does polarity come from the rotation of a Black Hole?
Is our gravity simulated for physical objects because real gravity wouldn't allow us to exist?
Is Dark Matter the medium for projection?
Are quantum fluctuations and/or dark matter evidence this reality is a projection? Maybe Wave-Particle duality is the proof I'm looking for.
I think this projection from a Black Hole is mixed with some type of quantum computer. Our physics have predefined variables in this program. I think cyclical bifurcation and Benford's law is tossed in.
I'm currently questioning if matter falling into a Black Hole is quantum information returning to the source.
The membrane of the Black Hole that projects our reality with the holographic principle isn't detailed enough to handle gravitons and is why there is a quantum/classical boundary.
I would be curious to see if the quantum/classical boundary would change the closer we got to whatever is projecting our hologram (probably a black hole).
Dec 23, 2019
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Does Wave-Particle Duality show us that our reality is two different holographic projections?

Is the CMB the start of the coherent side of QM and Black Holes give us the physical with holographic projection?

Is is possible all the plasma from the CMB ended up in Black Holes? We would be forced to consider we are holographic.

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Are both versions always running? If decoherence is a path by path basis ..both versions seem to always be available. Is Uncertainty equivalent to Neutral?

The double slit experiment results are if the decoherent hologram projection was used or not.