Is Science in Star Wars or Star Trek “complete”?

I’ve discussed the state of science and technological development in both Star Wars and Star Trek and the popular consensus is that ANYTHING is possible in a fictional universe and in the case of Star Wars, science has reached its limit and no longer progresses. I understand that but I’m looking from an in-universe point of view. Like if I actually lived in that world. Teleportation and time travel are possible in Star Wars; they are just usually achieved with the power of the Force. The electronics in Star Wars seem primitive because they involve wires and the computers are big and clunky but it was stated on a forum that wireless electricity is very hard to make expensive and steal peoples money and the computers may look primitive, but according to the The Rise of Skywalker Visual Guide, they are indeed quantum in nature.

Matter replication seems like an obvious choice for Star Wars as it exists in Star Trek; but perhaps they had it and then sir pressed it because a post-scarcity economy is bad for business. That all being said, basically:

What do you think is “impossible” to do scientifically or technologically in the Star Wars universe?
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Jan 1, 2020
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I havent seen any of the later star wars films The last time I saw one was the first one during th 70s unfortunately but I think that in your paragraph - in my personal opinion I think youve covered it all-I cant think of anything - I can only nevertheless joke & answer your question with cook food or drink drinks