Is laser light coherent waves because it has two forms of decoherence?

Dec 23, 2019
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Pinhole aperture and then wavelength filter. The wavelength filter is causing spatially coherent wave packets to return to coherent waves (plane waves).

Yes, two forms of decoherence in a particles path causes it to return to coherent waves (plane waves). The quantum which way experiment displays the same effect.

When you use laser light for a quantum experiment which includes a decoherence event ..the process must be starting over.

Is incoherent light intersecting coherent waves that are immune to decoherence from other light waves? Does the chaos of its phase cause matter waves to decohere? Does a pinhole aperture cause them to be wave packets (decohere) and to be orderly?


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Why does modern science insist on using a flux, such as light and current, and the measurement of such flux, in trying to understand the singular root dynamic? Why use a system that has all the phase of dynamic, occurring at the same time? I would measure one dynamic, and after understanding that one, add just one more dynamic at a time. Then the flux might make sense for your measurements.

Light is like current. It's made up of zillions of intermittences, giving a false sense and measurement of continuous.