Is it possible that whales are waaay smarter than we think?

Oct 1, 2023
In regards to, most recently, the 100 beached whales near Australia.
Whales beach themselves as an honor and a duty. It's not that hard you guys. I'm still stymied by the top marine folks thinking it's an inner ear malfunction, their equilibrium must be affected. I believe they can still feel sand rubbing their tummy.
No, it is not an earache. Momma knows that when her 60 ton carcass filters through that beach,and back out to sea, and follows the path of the current off THAT specific beach, she knows that when her offspring, or brothers, or husband, or any future pod member, returns to this spot, the oyster beds will be flourishing. The krill will be abundant. The entire ecosystem will be what any responsible mother would hope for her young.
When that group of 100 whales got into the tight huddle, just before the final act, do you reckon it was a mass earache attack, or a peptalk similar to what elite soldiers would do just prior to a suicide mission.
Who is called to perform the act obviously varies. Anyone from an old veteran that has circled the globe countless times, to the young teenage dolphins who beached themselves in Panama City Beach. Ten of them, dress right dress, where there's never been an instance at all. These 10 volunteered because we was killing them with the BP oil spill that time. Do you get the picure yet?? Like I said, the proof is not hard to find. If I got, c'mon, it's NOT earaches!!