Insiders’ Brave Disclosure: COVID-19 Virus Is A Bioweapon Attack On China!

Jan 23, 2021
Insiders’ Brave Disclosure: COVID-19 Virus Is A Bioweapon Attack On China!
Comments by Sunshine Li, China

Actually, in China there are only 2 insiders who dared to speak out the truth: the first one is the original insider, president of a big pharma company, who, after having been humiliated by the relevant police for the disclosure, bravely made the disclosure in one week to about 10,000 customers across China about 2 months before the COVID-19 outbreak in Wuhan, China toward the end of December, 2019, and the second one, an unexpected lucky listener of the original insider, indignantly and bravely disclosed on February 17, 2020 what he had heard from the original insider on Sina Blog after the outbreak in Wuhan.

But the disclosure on Sina Blog was soon deleted. Fortunately I was tipped to this article and made a screenshot before the deletion. Now, the article and its contents have totally disappeared from internet.

People may ask: why such an important disclosure was deleted? That's because truth and facts are not always welcome in China, just like in many other countries.

And it could be hard for people to imagine the ridiculous side in China regarding the nature of COVID-19 virus within 4 months after the outbreak in Wuhan.

There was an overwhelming force, including the majority of VIP netizens, mainstream media and even the police, going all out to defend USA: anyone who claimed that the COVID-19 virus is a genetic weapon/bioweapon created by USA to attack China would be strongly condemned, scolded or abused for spreading lies, rumors, cospiracy theories, etc., with articles or postings controled or deleted.

The police in one city carried the defense of USA to the extreme: they arrested and heavily fined a netizen who claimed in a self-made short video that the COVID-19 virus was a genetic weapon created by USA to attack China! Strange and unbelievable? But it really happend in China in early February 2019.

And the Sino-US “couple” and “decouple” relationship is by no means a joke.

So, no surprise for the deletion of such an important disclosure during that period of the nationwide great campaign of "defending USA"!

My long article of analyses, hypotheses and conclusions about the COVID-19 origin based on scientific studies, facts and reports match closely with what the insiders have bravely disclosed. Here are the title and link for further reference:

Connecting the dots: which is the real origin of the global deadly COVID-19 pandemic, China, Italy or USA? What has biotech brought us?

Here is the word-for-word translation of the disclosure article into English for any one interested in probing the nature, truth and origin of the COVID-19 virus.

BTW, according to the Chinese lunar calendar of 12 animal symbols for 12 years, 2020 is called “the Year of Rat”.

The Truth About “The Year Of Rat Attack”
By Master Changjia February 17, 2020

We are the approx. 10,000 insiders, among whom I'm the one to speak out the truth. I am not afraid of death or being arrested! With the honesty of a Chinese monk and based on the Five Basic Precepts, I now report the truth to the public:

I roamed to Shandong Province this autumn. One day, a friend in Shandong said: Let’s go to Qingdao this time. There is a very important meeting there and please attend it together with me. I was very reluctant to go, saying that I had no interest in this kind of business meetings, but he tried very hard to persuade me to do him the favor to attend it, saying that there could be something new for us. So, on the morning of November 27, 2019, we drove there before dawn. In the morning we went to the beach and hoped to visit the Navy Museum. Unfortunately, the museum was closed for maintenance. We returned to the conference center on time in the afternoon. To be precise, it was the "Qingdao International Conference Center" at Qingdao Yacht Wharf. There were many people present, nearly 500. I attended a meeting of old customer gathering chaired by a company. The first person to speak was the company’s President Qin. He said that he came to Shandong this time to bring some "dry goods" to the customers in Qingdao, and would like to talk about the domestic economic situation in the following year against the international background. After he talked about some boring industrial matters, he evidenced why it was not optimistic. At this time, many people were already tired from listening. As I was entrusted to come, of course I had to keep listening, and keep on ....

President Qin said: after you have heard what I say here, please never go to Wuhan or that direction after you leave here and return home! A major event is about to break out there. Someone from our company working overseas has obtained accurate information about an attack on China. The attack site was scheduled to be in Wuhan. They must do it. Persuasion is useless. I went to the relevant city in China to report to the police, but I was humiliated by them. You can also go report it and see how they will respond to you; anyway, it is too late! That carrier has already entered China through the southern smuggling channel and cannot be tracked! It’s ok if you don’t understand what I'm saying, but just remember: there will possibly be an outbreak at the time of the Spring Festival, and you will feel uncomfortable. Lie on your back. Don’t take western medicine indiscriminately. We have people working in these western pharmaceutical companies and they know that the companies have produced a batch of drugs specifically for this attack in advance. These drugs are not available on the market. Wait and see when they will be shipped to China. As President Qin was speaking, his whole body was trembling slightly, which I could see clearly. He said that this Qingdao meeting was his second last meeting. He had spent a week disclosing the information to their customers across the country, one district after another. He said that tens of thousands of people had already known in advance that the storm of attacks was coming, and he lamented that the survival of enterprises in such a situation was rather unpredictable. The atmosphere of this meeting was very pessimistic, which could be said to be sad.

I was wondering why this person, the CEO of the company, said something so irritating; wasn't he stupid enough to do so when meeting with customers? I didn’t care much about it at the time. I only knew that the domestic market growth in the following months was predicted to be severely frustrated due to external factors. I had no mood to listen to the speeches of the next few vice presidents, so I left halfway.

After I returned to Shanghai from Shandong, the reporter stationed to report the Wuhan Military Games and also my old comrade-in-arms came to visit me with his daughter on the morning of December 7, 2019 after finishing the military games mission. Yet I totally forgot what I had heard during the Qingdao meeting. I had lunch with the father and daughter. Fortunately, the pandemic broke out after he returned home. After 14 days of quarantine, he was confirmed as not infected, so fortunate for him as well as for me.

A sumup of the information disclosed by President Qin after 2pm on November 27: biological attacks, smuggled into China in land vehicles by means of carriers which are an artificially modified bioweapon; individual carriers have a 25-day peak period of attacks; the attack is expected to be terminated in May but not exceeding June at the latest; Wuhan is the doomed city for the attack, and there are other undecided cities planned for the viral attacks; before the attack, special antidotes were produced and stored in warehouse outside China, ready to be airshipped into China at any needed time; the attack was simulated by a special computer war game.

I'm fully upright and not afraid to disclose my personal information: my Buddhist name, Changja Bhikkhu and ID name Su Lei, a retired member of the PLA. Out of loyalty to my country, I write and post this article as evidence of the truth about the attack.

(Master Changjia in Shanghai on 20/02/17)
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Jan 23, 2021
The latest develpment in WHO probe of COVID-19 virus origin is that lab leak, either from the Wuhan lab or the US lab, is ruled out.

I have verified that leak from a US lab is the biggest possibility, at least 90%. I'm not disappointed as I see WHO's ruling just as a power balancing between China and USA.

But the UKers are disappointed because they have been falsely claiming that the pandemic was due to a leak from the WUhan lab.

WHO's rejection of Wuhan 'lab leak' theory leaves too many questions unanswered
No-one yet knows how SARS-CoV-2 originated, but an international probe that so readily rules out an important possibility is disappointing

WHO team appears to rule out Chinese lab as source of coronavirus

So, like so many unsolved mysteries, the real truth of COVID-19 virus origin may never cme out.
Jul 2, 2020
A former British spy chief Sir Richard Dearlove says he wants a more open debate on the origin of the coronavirus pandemic and warns against dismissing as conspiracy the idea that it might have come from a laboratory

Sir Richard Dearlove challenged Nature Magazine to publish a paper on a Covid-19 related to pre-trial vaccine Biovacc-19 by Birger Sorensen co-authored with British professor Angus Dalgleish on SARS-CoV-2 and the origin of the virus.

The paper has already been published in the Quarterly Review of Biophysics along with a separate study of the Covid-19 pre-trial vaccine Biovacc-19

The authors stress the importance of a vaccine approach starting from understanding the the causes or origins of disease of the virus. Not doing so might result in ineffective or even harmful vaccines.

Professor Richard Ebright of the Waksman Institute of Microbiology at Rutgers University in New Jersey said

"the absence of signatures of manipulation does not rule out the possibility the virus was engineered using widely employed - including at WIV - methods that do not leave signatures...... does not even address the possibility that an unpublished WIV bat coronavirus… could be the progenitor of SARS-CoV-2."

He pushed back on condemning those who consider a lab leak as conspiracy theorists.

"By definition, an accident cannot be a 'conspiracy'," he said.

"Persons who use term 'conspiracy theory' to describe possibility of accidental release reveal themselves to be unable to read, unable to reason, or uninterested in truth."

He signalled that the only way to reach the truth would be through an independent, forensic investigation, which would require access to places like the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

The study further explains the grounds on which the vaccine candidate Biovacc-19 is being developed, and is now in advanced pre-clinical stage of development.

Atiology or Etiology is a branch of medicine that deals with the causes or origins of disease

Mistaken assumptions about SARS-CoV-2’s aetiology risk creating ineffective or actively harmful vaccines, including the risk of antibody-dependent enhancement. Such problems in vaccine design are illustrated from past experience in the human immunodeficiency viruses domain.

In Australia, Professor Nikolai Petrovsky at Flinders University is also keeping an open mind.

He said normally a virus that jumps from an animal takes time to become good at infecting a human.

"Whereas what appears to have happened with COVID-19 is from day one it was perfectly adapted to infect humans and to transmit between humans which is why it's been such a big problem," he said.

"So then you have to ask: well, how did that happen?

"One possibility of course is that it was just a massive fluke... The other possibility that you have to consider in terms of where its origins may come from is: Has this virus seen human cells before in a situation we simply weren't aware of? And so one of those situations would be if the virus had been growing in human cells in the laboratory."

He too was concerned about scientific research that supports the lab theory not being published.

"It's always fraught with difficulty when you have a scientific question that runs up against a political issue," Professor Petrovsky said. "I think that COVID-19 and its origins is one of those areas where unfortunately we have enormous amount of politics overlaid over the science. And so it gets harder to get to the truth in that context."

Nov 12, 2020
A cynical rule based upon human history. "Political survival is always paramount to life especially the lives of any opposition". Now consider that we as a species fancy ourselves as being able to settle an extraterrestrial world(s). ...... Star Wars writ small, puny and deadly?
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