Incredible Time-Lapse Video Shows Giant Greenland Lake Disappearing Within Hours

Dec 7, 2019
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What this suggests is that the glacier's temperature between the bedrock and the surface is in near equilibrium with the melting/freezing point! which speaks *volumes* as to what the 'proper' temperature at that latitude is or should be.

If we _suppose_ the ground temperature was supposed to be below freezing then then first trickles of water which reached the colder material would have frozen solid, plugging the hole and checking the flow. Result: the lake would have stayed full of water, possible overflowing its banks and thickening the glacier.

However, the presence of deep fissures in the glacier can be interpreted as convincing evidence that the ground at that latitude cannot be a permanent repository of ice creating temperatures. One need only look at a dripping faucet in the wintertime to know that liquid water dripping on a sub-freezing object will coat that object in an ever thickening layer of ice.

Of course the simple facts do absolutely nothing to convince the masses that Man Made Global Warming is the kind of esoteric threat that demands additional government funding to investigate. I've been tormenting the Alarmists with logic for decades, and I have yet to meet a single one who has said: "I've finished my thesis on MMGW, I'm moving on to another area of study." Rather they all insist that the subject requires years of additional study and millions of dollars in grants to support it -- despite the science being 'settled' -- go figure?
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Jan 2, 2020
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There is of course the distinct possibility that the water has flowed into a cavern near the top of one of the volcanoes, and that if that water actually reaches the magma, then there will be a huge explosive eruption.