In world 1st, virus spotted attached to 2nd virus

Nov 12, 2023
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Has anyone there know that there's VIROPHAGES? Virophages are small viruses that connects to large viruses without killing the host, and can connect a corona virus to a flu virus, thus creating COVID 19! Why do you think that the flu never appeared during the pandemic? Because it was used in correlation to our vaccine strains so that our immune system would recognize the flu virus, while ignoring SARS-COV-2 virus and allowing it to reek havoc in our bodies. I've been diagnosed with Long COVID and my research has lead me to the truth and COVID 19 was created in a lab, and causes genetic mutation of people's blood platelets from round to oblong, per Dr. Robert A. Campbell of the university of Utah. That's why we're having blood clots killing people suddenly and I have been diagnosed with unstable angina because of a blockage in my Coronary artery that I didn't have prior to an infection of COVID 19. Virophages are the reason why COVID 19 exists and how else would a lab infused the corona virus with mRNA TECHNOLOGY allowing genetic mutation to happen within all of us!!! Welcome to the 22nd century.........