Ignoring climate change will yield 'untold suffering,' panel of 14,000 scientists warns

Sep 6, 2020
I attempt what is within my means to be environmentally friendly from the easy things like recycling as per Government procedures and having PV paneling to my roof.
As a kid in the 80s I wrote my science paper on weather changes (hope I can find it for a chuckle at my views) and keenly follow in dismay records breaking in the wrong way such as the 10% temperature in Canada.
I introduce myself on this to hopefully prevent the typical response of 'so what you saying is stuff it?' on what I write next-

There are many issues I foresee tackling the issue including:

How do you tell developing nations they cannot enjoy the same accelerated progress countries like the UK had with their industrial revolutions, effectively telling them they cannot compete, ever, on a global scale.
In connection with the above, how do you divert wealth and growth from first world countries in an attempt to level the world without huge backlashes?
What do you do with countries that actively destroy environments when it is seemingly encouraged by Governments that cannot be voted out?
How would you get a world co-operation that is economic without the conspiracy theorists bringing the New World Order and similar in?
How do you educate someone that drives needlessly for 10 miles about the environment when their carbon footprint is so much smaller than the wealthy they hate; 1 person in a group of millions contibuting more than a group of the wealthiest for example.
How does someone of my generation take the younger generations serious on the environment when they litter parks and places of beauty so badly after parties/ visits?

I actively support the positive direction we take but the reality is we likely will have to wait until my wasteful generation has past away with the newer generations picking up more positive culture to build on each generation as I have witnessed with seat belts, drink driving and smoking, but is that going to be too late?

Sorry to the youngsters out there that will not experience foreign holidays for 3hours work, a pint after 20 minutes work and many other mass-produced situations my generation had without realising the consequences, but remember you have a responsibility more important than lecturing the past to us.
Mar 4, 2020
In the last 50-60 years, the highest levels of emissions have occurred. In the last 50-60 years, liberal educated graduates have been in charge and controlling every aspect of our society. AND most of the world.

Why is anybody complaining about anything? We have been living the liberal dream for 5 decades now.

Why all the disappointment? Why all the hate? Liberal science has even become the religion and an authority for our courts.

Education was suppose to cure our social problems, remember? We should all have understanding with each other.

BUT, infant, ignorant hysteria is their product. Along with the absence of decency and standards.

This is not progress. Academia and government are the cause, not the solution, for our demise.
Sep 6, 2020
This is not progress. Academia and government are the cause, not the solution, for our demise.

I recall the 70s generation grabbing everything mass produced and throwing it away whilst purchasing cars, taking holidays etc...
If your complain is the population being able to have luxury items and a luxury lifestyle (sometimes beyond their means) then I think you will find the population are in support of the world...

What was not exactly know then was the science and effect with the ozone layer being the first of corrections made that I recall followed by removing lead...

This is not a Government issue... It is a public one. If the Government cut off all carbon producing factors I am sure the population wouldnt be quiet about it.