Hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid): Causes, symptoms & treatment

Dec 11, 2022
Well I seen to have problems with both hyper-hypo. I don't tolerate heat or cold well in the heat it over heats me and make me sick in the cold I freeze to death, my weight well for the longest I could never gain it I did while pregnant then after every thing would be gone a day later like I never had a baby or weight I was accused of drug use, then out off no we're in two weeks I gained 50 pounds then 20 more in a year I'm at 190. But after 4 kids I stayed around 120. I have/had kidney problems with leaking magnesium, and low sodium problem to were I was put on high sodium diet. Even with low magnesium problems I delt with super low blood pressure 90/58 in that but some days there good like 98/64, then I have also had low blood sugars, no matter how much I eat, and need less to say now I have an eating problem I have to eat ever three to four hours that use to make me feel better, but that doesn't work as much anymore, and I've delt with getting super tired after eating sugary things, I use to have to take a nap mid shift so that what I would use my break for. I've had dizzy spells and ear pain. And nothing have ever been figured out. I have taken a lot of vitamins over the year to counter some of my symptoms like the low energy I took b12 for a while until it no longer help slow down on sodium it's in good range now alone with my magnesium levels still take that one a week wnr but lower end. And have had swallowing problems my doctor believe it to be antacid problem but that didn't make it go away but a week of Benadryl did I had an itch and always the feeling of swallowing mucus and choking for over a year I even aspirated in my sleep an ended up with pneuma. And that started a week after getting covid shot. I struggled with this over ten years now muscle aches, muscle weakness a period of time I could not left my arms not even to open a door.