Question Humidity

Let's take a large, environmentally controlled room. With an atomizer in the center and 4 humidity detectors at the corners. Temp is 70 F. 1 atmosphere of still air. Humidity(relative, of course) is 5% in one case and 90% in another. We add the same amount of moisture in each case. In which case would the detectors see change first?

If we repeat these cases, with one in bright light, and one in darkness.......will there be any change in detection times?

Does anybody know? Could our models and simulators predict actual results?


Nov 12, 2019
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I am curious as to your take on this, actually. Light implies a potential heat source (even if minute), and that would have an effect, however small.
We would want just the light, not the heat from light source. I would guess, light would increase motion and so, decrease equalization time.

And I meant to add more cases with 99 F.

I was wondering if a mist travels quicker with a humidity gradient or a temperature gradient.

Mist travel time and conditions for it. In still air.

Mist emission.