How your brain waves can predict if an antidepressant will work for you

Jan 4, 2020
I consider this report a major breakthrough. At present, there seems to be a clinical protocol that insists patients with symptoms of depression first go through "cognitive" therapy before becoming eligible for potentially life-saving chemical intervention. My HMO has the audacity to label its psychiatry unit "Behavioral Health," as if people with brain chemical or neurological imbalances are MISBEHAVING! Most patients seeking relief from depression and its ugly cousins, generalized anxiety and social anxiety, are smart enough to have explored and been disappointed by "talk therapy." These disorders have nothing to do with cognition or behavior. They have to do with misfiring neurons and imbalances in brain chemicals/hormones/communication channels. Correct these PHYSIOLOGICAL dysfunctions and millions of bright, perfectly well-behaved, humans will be back into productive lives on our planet. And they will be happier, their children will be happier, and there will be way fewer suicides.
Feb 23, 2020
There is no compelling evidence that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance.