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How to Use Google Earth


Google Earth has become a mini miracle for those who want to explore but don’t have the time or resources. It contains vast amounts of information along with detailed images of every place on Earth. If you want to really see how interconnected our little globe is, here’s how to use Google Earth and start exploring:


1. Head to the Google Earth website.
First things first; head to to access Google Earth. Once it loads, you’ll be able to play around with all of its features. It’ll give you a short overview of the different things you can do before leaving you to play at your leisure.


2. Take a look at the sidebar and choose based on what you’d like to do.
Once Google Earth loads, you’ll see the Earth rotating in the center of your screen and a sidebar with several icons. These icons are Search, Voyager, I’m Feeling Lucky, Projects, and Measure Distance and Area. Search is exactly what you think it is: a search bar to find a specific location. Voyager allows you to essentially choose a mini vacation and shows you all the best places in the world. I’m Feeling Lucky will take you to a random location, while projects will allow you to mark locations and create custom maps. This is a neat feature if you want to plan your dream vacation or show others where you’ve been. The last icon, Measure Distance and Area, is fairly self explanatory.


3. Start exploring!
The best way to learn about Google Earth is to simply play around with it! Click on one of the icons, search for a particular location, or just hop from country to country and take in the amazing world you live on.
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Reactions: Truthseeker007
Dec 26, 2019
It is an amazing thing to be able to see all that through satellites. Also a very scary thing because no matter where anybody goes on Earth they are being watched by the eyes in the sky. Welcome to the 1984!
May 29, 2020
Exactly what I was about to say. This thing is interesting and scary as well. And yeah, Sara Rane, nice teachings on how to use the google earth. Nice Tip