How to use a rowing machine to lose weight

Sep 6, 2020
"We’d love to be able to tell you that weight loss was easy, but we’d be lying. It requires hard work. " - I would disagree with this statement.... The difficulty in weight is a combination of unachievable expectations sold by magazines and TV combined with poor understanding of how weight gain/ loss actually occurs.

Medication, health, current weight aside, just purely looking from a basic numbers perspective...

If you typically eat a chocolate bar each day at work but choose to give that up.... This is around 15lbs weight potentially lost in a year.
Do you drive your kids to school 750m away? Walk them to school and go back home.... This is around 7lbs lost in a year.
Even mowing a small lawn twice weekly over Spring into Autumn could see a 2lb loss.

One thing people often forget is you require a minimum of 1500 cals to function... Your brain, digestive system, heart etc... all burn calories whether you are active, sleeping and so on.... If you have too few calories then tiredness rill kick in as your body diverts fuel to essential functions at the cost of non-essential functions.