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How to Survive Extremely Hot Weather


The Earth is on fire, sometimes metaphorically but lately literally. Human contributions to greenhouse gas emissions have heated up the planet by allowing more heat to be trapped, and that’s not good for life that has adapted to the usual temperatures. If we’re going to turn into Venus, we might need to start figuring out how to survive in extreme heat.


1. How do places that already experience 100 degree plus weather deal?
There are some crazy people who choose to live in extremely hot climates already, and the number one luxury that has allowed this to be a common occurrence is air conditioning. There are, of course, hot countries that don’t have widespread access to air conditioning, but if you want to survive with minimal effort, this technological innovation is what you need.

2. If you don’t have air conditioning, what do you do?
So, without the comfort of air conditioning, what’s left? The trick is to help your body in its natural cooldown process. Heat makes your body sweat, and when this sweat evaporates you’re able to cool down. Misting your body with water, wearing loose and breathable clothing, and finding shade are all ways to allow your body to do its job with ease. Sure, you probably won’t be comfortable, but you’ll be alive.


3. Hydration is of utmost importance.
Extreme heat can shut down your body’s functions because of how much fluid you lose by sweating. When you sweat without continuously drinking water to replenish the moisture lost, you’ll start to feel weak. Then, when your body can no longer keep up and cool you down because there’s not enough water, you’ll stop sweating. This is bad. Keep drinking water, as much as you can, to keep your cooldown process going. This will be the key to your survival.
Feb 24, 2020
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I'm from Minnesota but today I live in New Delhi, India (don't ask) At first, I could not peel myself away from the AC the whole first year and was "trying to acclimate" well into the third year. Eventually, I realized that more people outside on the street didn't even have fans for relief. It got me thinking and I became driven actually to try my best to not complain and I tried to change my perspective. That didn't work by itself, I was not only irritated that it was hot, I also started getting upset as I was not able to overcome it mentally. When I started observing how people lived I noted they walk slowly, carry water, all the shops close down between 3-5 even in this big city. People always stress to drink body temperature water and wear light cotton clothes. Maybe it really does come down to water intake, conservation of energy, the right type of clothing and the will to beat all. If you let it, your body adapts and finds ways to be comfortable in even a little shade. Billions of people all across the world live in hot places and they never have access to air cooling of any sort. Still, I miss that snow. 😂