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How to Decrease Inflammation


Inflammation is designed to protect your body. In most cases, it’s a good thing. In most cases, it means your body’s white blood cells are doing their job and fending off infection. Sometimes, though, inflammation can occur without any sort of foreign body or infection. This type of inflammation is the one you want to get rid of, because it can make life pretty uncomfortable. Here’s how to decrease inflammation in your body:


1. Start with your diet.
Most of your health concerns stem from your diet, and inflammation is no exception. The single best way to fight inflammation is by changing the way you eat. The anti-inflammatory diet has been specially designed to incorporate foods that either do not contribute to inflammation or directly fight the source of it. Some of the best foods for reducing inflammation are tomatoes, leafy vegetables, nuts, fatty fish, and fruit. Limit your carbs and cut out excess sugar, as sugar is possibly one of the worst contributors to inflammation.


2. Exercise regularly (but not strenuously).
Inactivity has also been linked to inflammation, so get moving! Just remember that strenuous exercise or exercise that can lead to injury can cause further inflammation (of a different kind, granted), so take it slow and be kind to your body.


3. Limit your consumption of alcohol.
Alcohol isn’t doing your body any favors, and it certainly doesn’t stop inflammation. While a glass of red wine can help your heart health, things like beer and hard liquor will increase inflammation and limit your body’s ability to keep healthy.