Question How Prepared For A Coronavirus Quarantine Are You?

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Mar 23, 2020
it wasn't to long ago that many Americans lived outside of cities and literally stocked up only once a month. Even as a child my mother only shopped once a month. It is a form of prepping but its just the way we lived and budgeted our lives especially if you were a farmer, it had little to do with survival. That said my Grandfather had an awesome bomb shelter during the early stages of the nuclear war threats of the 60's
Same here. I'm a Southerner and grew up with parents who grew up during the Depression. It's in the blood. And lots of hurricanes .
Mar 25, 2020
In South Sudan where I live access to prevention facilities is very limited, many households can hardly afford soap and water is bought from those vending water using water tank trucks. I wonder how lockdown will go with us, perhaps we will either die of hunger, thirst or Covid19.
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Apr 2, 2020
As a poor and always harried college student, I don't have too much money (or space) to stock up on food but the quarantine has at least allowed me to catch up with pending assignments :D And that's the only silver lining to this dark dark cloud :(
Apr 18, 2020
With recommendations that people self quarantine for 14 days in the event they come into contact with Coronavirus, how prepared are you?

Personally, this isn't something that I've ever given much thought to. Being prepared to my mind was more about natural disasters, not something Northern Ireland is known for, than sickness.

With that said I've been thinking about it a lot recently and have decided that having something on hand makes sense. I'm aiming to have plenty of rice and beans with a good supply of vitamins. Most definitely not panic buying, but I feel it's a sensible precaution.

Likewise, I've got a solid supply of toilet paper and hand sanitizer. Those are items that I've read tend to run low very quickly

How about you, do you have a plan of action or any food already stored in the event you need to remain inside for two weeks or longer? How would you spend the time?
Well, we in the UK have seen the ridiculous panic buying at the start of what is laughingly called a lock down. Lock downs mean troops on the street and papers required to allow movement. It has never been like that here, unlike France and other continental countries.
Having said that the general response from the public has been very good, our parks and other places of attraction have been virtually deserted, roads are empty at times when there would be traffic delays. Admittedly this has been largely due to the closing of non essential businesses, schools, other services and sports events. Hell, even the Queen has insisted that there be no official celebrations of her birthday like the usual Trooping of the Colour and firing of guns from The Tower of London. No museums, galleries, no restaurants or cafes, NO PUBS!
There have been the odd idiots who don't think it should include them, house parties of 25+ including professional DJ and sound systems and fireworks. Police broke these up and fined the ringleaders. Fining is a pretty soft way of dealing with dangerous idiots like them as young children were present.
As for panic buying that's done with now, even toilet rolls and canned (Italian) tomatoes are available but some vegetables in scarce supply as they come from Spain.

I think two things MUST come out of this.

Firstly, China MUST be punished for the source of the outbreak due entirely to filthy unhygienic conditions in street markets. Killing dogs and snakes and pangolins and all kinds of animals in brutally cruel ways in the most filthy site even after the outbreak of SARS and other viruses. Today, literally today foreign eyewitnesses have seen these markets open yet again with no improvement to hygiene.

Will the world have to endure further lethal outbreaks because the Chinese exhibit disgusting unacceptable behaviour? The answer is obviously no, so world leaders have to show backbone and discuss what they intend to do about them. But they need to remember that it's the rest of the world that holds the power not China. It's the world that uses China as a cheap source of manufacturing and the world should it turn to other more responsible countries bankrupt China virtually overnight.

Secondly. The world must be fully prepared for future outbreaks.

That means over production of all types of PPE, centrally stored and ready. Likewise adequate temporary hospital facilities need to be built and ready for the inevitable outbreaks of the future.
May 5, 2020
Poorly, or well, depending on your view. I have white rice and beans for 60-days, and 100 vitamin tablets. But white rice is iffy for grain protein, and the vitamins are high (1000%) in B12 (which my body seems to hoard). I have a month or 3 of ivory soap, and washcloths (little toilet paper). And my bills are paid, so...
May 21, 2020
It can't catch me. I'm going outside CNN which I don't trust with a crap and going into oan news Newport news and about 10 different well trained well license doctors giving their discussion on this so it's like I said I'm prepared and they can't catch me them Little critters