Question How much mainstream media news is disinformation and is that the same as not reporting events?


Aug 15, 2020
I guess this is a question we can never really know.

Nothing is about Politics its all about Power and Influence

Matt Taibbi sets out below how Google and Big Tech and Media has attacked the extreme left as well as the others.

Matt Taibbi is a substack independent reporter (Glenn Greenwald is also a substack based reporter)

Watch the docu - link at the very end of this post. Its called "The Plot"

If you want some perspectives from some independent journalists like Glenn Greenwald about how serious this all is there are some below

This next video interview with substack independent reporter Matt Taibbi (Glenn Greenwald is also a substack reporter) is a good place to start looking deeper.

Watch the video then read the next Taibbi piece on how the cancel culture is also attacking the left wing or go straight to the docu at the end.


Author and Reporter for Rolling Stone, Matt Taibbi shares insight on newly released documents about the government's handling of Michael Flynn's case and, "Russiagate" which are not reported by the mainstream media and seems to be part of this cancel culture and information filtering by the big tech and big media world

The next story by Matt Taibbi is a good place to see how the control and cancel culture works with Google filtering out the news and info it does not think we need to see from the radical left wing and should make clear how deep the cancel culture and manipulation of access to news and info is going

the World Socialist Web Site [WSWS] had been trying to sound the alarm about the impact of corporate speech moderation on dissenting voices on the progressive left.

As far back as August of 2017, the WSWS sent an open letter to Google, demanding that it stop the “political blacklisting” of their site, as well as others.

Like many alternative news sites, WSWS noticed a steep decline in traffic in 2016-2017, after we began to hear calls for more regulation of “fake news.” The site conducted a series of analyses that proved crucial in helping convince outlets like the New York Times to cover the issue.

In its open letter to Google, the WSWS described inexplicable changes to search results in their political bailiwick:
Google searches for “Leon Trotsky” yielded 5,893 impressions (appearances of the WSWS in search results) in May of this year. In July, the same search yielded exactly zero impressions for the WSWS, which is the Internet publication of the international movement founded by Leon Trotsky in 1938.
The WSWS connected the change to Project Owl, a plan announced by Google in April of 2017 designed to “surface more authoritative content.”

The rub was that Google was now pushing viewers away from alternative sources, such that an article in the New York Times about Trotskyism might be ranked ahead of the world’s leading Trotskyite media organ.

The WSWS listed other sites whose google search rankings were down :
Alternet down 63 percent, Common Dreams down 37 percent,
Democracy Now! down 36 percent,
TruthOut, down 25 percent, etc.
Even Wikileaks, in the middle of an international furor over Russiagate, was down 30 percent.

In the years since, the WSWS has been one of the only major media outlets in the U.S. to regularly focus on tech censorship issues, frequently showing an interest in constitutional principles curiously absent in traditionally “liberal” publications.

This has won the site an unpleasant brand of notoriety with tech platforms.

In a recent Senate hearing, Google CEO Sundar Pichai referenced the WSWSwhen challenged by Utah Republican Mike Lee to name one left-wing “high profile person or entity” it had censored.

In this day and age it seems likely the media fails to report certain matters or spins them in certain directions

Matt Taibbi posted this last year, about the blocking of access even to mainstream news stories.

"The incredible decision by Twitter and Facebook to block access to a New York Post story about a cache of emails reportedly belonging to Democratic nominee Joe Biden’s son Hunter, with Twitter going so far as to lock the 200 year-old newspaper out of its own account for over a week, continues to be a major underreported scandal."

The youtube video below came up randomly and started me on this quest. I found the other info later. It seemed strange that the BBC would not report this protest by asylum seekers


It turned out there is some limited reporting by the BBC online. I do not know if it was the on TV or radio. Aspects may have been omitted. That happens. Some of what is set out may have been mis-stated deliberately or otherwise.

However this got me looking around to see what I could find

We know youtube and other tech outlets are filtering news and shutting down those they disagree with.

We know the main stream media is also failing to follow up on news stories that might have helped Trump by not reporting them

If this is now the new normal we are in a 1984 style world

I found the docu below on a youtube alternative.

It made me really question what is going on.

Certainly this story has not been told in the media as it has been done here

I did not vote for ex-President Trump, but those in the docu seem to me to have the right to set out what went on, and it would seem have not been allowed to do so and have been blocked

All of the docu info is separately in the public domain and I do not think is really disputed.

My question is why is it not investigated ?

If half of what is set out is true we should be very careful about believing what we are being told by the media.

If all of it is true certainly we are moving through a 1984 type world.

There is one point in the docu where a well known CNN anchor is shown saying it is illegal for anyone to have copies of the document being discussed about Russian involvement in the 2016 elections, but the press has these and will tell you whats in the documents.

Critics say that the documents were reported as if they were real intelligence reports, when whoever approved the original leak knew them to be just a made up story.

There appears no dispute now that these documents were paid for by the 2016 Clinton campaign and then leaked through FBI intelligence circles to the media. The FBI also paid money to those preparing the document for the same documents.

This uncritical reporting of information that has been planted is not healthy

There has been no media or other investigation into what was behind the leaked information on Russia.

It is also very clear that the Washington Post was given copies of NSA transcripts of phone calls. These are very highly classified documents.

These transcripts could only have come from intelligence circles but there was no investigation into these leaks.

If you join up the dots it seems very clear that someone or several people were controlling these various leaks to achieve a goal. At least to disrupt and at worst much more was planned.

Intelligence info and disinformation is only leaked or blocked deliberately to achieve a desired end not for news purposes.

When secrets are leaked by a whistleblower type person there is an inquiry, as with Chelsea Manning and Wikileaks, and the punishment consequences are very harsh.

I believe we should be careful about shutting our eyes to what is going on to others as those with power will use it against anyone they fear may expose their wrong doing.

In the end we should have the right to hear and also see what the press has got hold of and decide for ourselves.

Please decide for yourselves

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Nov 12, 2020
The works of Shakespeare offer much insight into History, Psychology and basic humanity. In addition, some or most of the pandemic "down time " could be rewardingly spent by taking the science based courses offered by "The Great Courses". Many are available for free on via one's library card. ....... Start with "The Black Death" taught by Dorsey Armstrong. Follow-up with "Economics, 3rd Edition" taught by Timothy Taylor. ...... Or just keep munching away on the Cheetos and pizza while watching those numbingly, semi-senseless re-runs. To each his/her own.
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Aug 15, 2020
Why would Biden stop the policy to require disclosure of Chinese influence in American Schools and Universities ?

Why is this not discussed openly ?

Why would this news be presented as FALSE when its clearly true ?

Here is the latest piece of nonsense and manipulation from US Media fact checking on what is only really being reported in the alternative news services.

Based on the info in the fact check Biden has clearly made policy changes that favor China which is not being discussed in the mainstream media but its presented as FALSE.


"Biden Quietly Revokes Trump's Ban On Chinese Communist Propaganda In Schools."

The fact check starts by saying

"Biden did revoke a Trump-era policy regarding Chinese-sponsored education programs, .......[that] required K-12 schools and universities to disclose their ties to such institutions [Chinese Government sponsored or controlled agencies.]"

However the fact checkers say the claim is FALSE because previous policy never banned Chinese Propaganda

"The Ruling"


Biden did revoke a Trump-era policy regarding Chinese-sponsored education programs, but it only required K-12 schools and universities to disclose their ties to such institutions. There never was a ban on "Chinese Communist propaganda" in schools."


Why not just say judge for yourself how valid the headlines are... because

Biden did revoke the Chinese sponsored education programs disclosure policy BUT there was never previously an outright ban ......



Aug 15, 2020
I have seen some articles saying a study indicates there maybe a link between flu vaccine and higher covid death rates in those over 65.

There are quotes from a US Army study indicating higher infection rates for other non flu infections in soldiers who had flu shots plus other data on flu shots and Covid mortality

When searching for the news article the google searches dont find it unless you prefix the exact article wording with the newspaper name

However it does pull up some articles saying the opposite.

Influenza Vaccination Linked to Higher COVID Death Rates

Also in these searches a proposed Covid and Flu combined vaccine

I hope the Covid and Flu vaccine data is fully studied before the next Flu Season in the Southern Hemisphere

It would be good for all of us to know the facts
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Nov 12, 2020
As an "at risk" person for covid-19, I've done a lot of information searching about the covid-19 virus. What I determined is that the morbidity and mortality for different instances are initially specific to a geographic location and tend to spread with population movement. Basically , covid-19 appears to act like the Plague of 1342ce only with an average mortality of around 2% (+,-). (Further % specificity seems misleading). Ones local media and personal sources are the most accurate about covid-19 morbidity at a specific time frame and location. I use the analogy that individuals face the chance of a battle while locations/countries face a war. N.B.: The vaccines for the seasonal flu and covid-19 are ALL we have to counteract these diseases; talk to your doctor. Likewise, politics and personal feelings aside, avoiding/distancing people and wearing a mask offer protection from covid-19 and the flu both initially and for breakthrough. ....... It's the proverbial "bag of worms".