How does the new coronavirus spread?

Mar 9, 2020
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“Since no bats were sold at the seafood market in Wuhan at the disease’s epicenter, researchers suggest an intermediate animal, possibly the pangolin (an endangered mammal) is responsible for the transmission to humans. “ – Modern science does not recognize the soul theory. Therefore its understanding is never complete, clear, and correct. For example it does not know why placebo medicine works. Similarly it cannot explain why medicine effect is not same as placebo effect.

All objects in the universe reincarnates, because all of them have their own souls. That is, you have your own soul and it has created you. Similarly, I have my own soul and it has created me. That is why Bible says, “God is spirit.” Therefore viruses also reincarnate. After death a virus can land on any human at any place, and reincarnate there, causing the person to become sick. When the virus is alive, it can travel only using some medium.

This is true for all humans also. To go from one place to another we need a medium for transportation, a car, an airplane, a train, a ship, etc. But when we are dead, we can reincarnate anywhere, in any country, to any family. For more details take a look at