How does cannabis get you high?

Aug 22, 2020
IMHO, drugs which do not easily cause overdose deaths (like THC, LSD etc) should/must be legally treated same as alcohol (which is really just another kind of drug (which do not easily cause overdose deaths))!

IMHO, just like prohibition of alcohol had caused so much crime in the past (& that is why it had been forced to be repealed later), prohibition of other similar drugs causing so much easily preventable crime today!
We need to take lesson from our past!!!
Sure, sure. Notice most Cultures far back have proscribed cannabis. It gives people relief without vice. It has taken thousands of years, and Western, particularly American, Culture to bring cannabis into circulation.
Jul 27, 2020
It gives people relief without vice.
This is precisely why it has been vilified for so long. You cannot have such things. Fun, pleasure and relief without vice?

That is blasphemy of the highest order for the "divinely" inspired. In their distorted concept of "dealing with life", you have to tough it out. Anything which circumvents such rigors in life is sinful.

It reminds one of the famous counter-culture response: "Reality is for people who cannot deal with drugs." determines function, precluding consuming something with no nutritive effect. And perhaps that lies along our path. However, given mammalian bent, The Culture seems our best bet.


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