How deadly is the coronavirus delta variant?

So is the conclusion: The covid-19 delta variant's mortality is related to underlining conditions for both vaccinated and unvaccinated, but we really don't know?

I do not believe a quick understanding can be achieved... We effectively have two pool in a simplistic manner...

We have the original Covid variants running rampant prior to vaccines and whilst lockdowns were either non-existent or just starting, then

We have the Delta variant with the vulnerable either no longer here or taking precautions that were not the case in the start of the pandemic.

The data in a cruel way may highlight positions in that countries' vaccine roll-out against prevalence of the dominant mutation against death rate whilst factoring in level of available healthcare resources may assist.

Maybe the scientific community can link a particular code in the virus which affects a particular condition and identify as an increased risk...

I wouldnt like to be basing my future career/ reputation on answering the above with any certainty!
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