How are asteroids, space weather and space debris detected before they hit Earth?

Mar 4, 2020
I'm glad to here someone is taking this seriously. I was looking up some info on the Kuiper Belt and the Oort cloud, in relation to the Horizon Craft. I got side tracked with all the bodies they are finding between Jupiter and the Kuiper Belt. 1000's with many more expected. And with unknown orbits and trajectories. They are hard to spot, and when shielded in the shadow of Jupiter, it's a loaded gun.

That's the real threat to our climate. We need detector and deflector assets in the outer orbits. First detectors, to find and evidence the threat and gain support for the deflectors. Very powerful active detectors. Maybe at Lagrange Points. The Kuiper needs to be scanned too.

This science guards against a real threat and would unite and prosper, instead of divide and suffer. True passion for the young of mankind. Man can now protect his planet, if he chooses too. While we argue, a simple rock is on it's way.