High-speed video shows every second of a praying mantis's lethal strike

Dec 1, 2019
A bit funny how researchers think - Take for example this: "
This suggests that mantids monitor the timing of their attacks and calculate the speed and trajectory of their prey to pinpoint precisely when they should snatch it, the researchers found. However, that doesn't mean that the insects are adding up numbers in their tiny heads, Rossoni said.

"I'm not suggesting that they can do maths, just like humans do not consciously calculate the speed of a moving ball when trying to catch it. But the mantid's nervous system is somehow capable of transforming visual information about prey into a well-timed sequence of motor output," he explained.

"For a brain as small as an insect's, that's quite formidable! So, we would like to understand how the mantid's nervous system is capable of this, with future research," Rossoni said.

Then what happened in the brain of the mantids? Maybe time for we human beings to accept we don't understand all! And besides if the arms are not loaded and the legs loaded just wondering if they could catch their preys in vegetative mode!