Gravity does not exist ?

Does gravity exist as a force or does the compression of space caused by the presence of mass ( planets etc) - give the illusion of an attracting force by virtue of the relocation of points in space to locations closer to the center of mass


The moon (as do all moving bodies), is travelling in a straight line point A to point B. Point B however is relocated to point C as the mass of Earth collapses the distance from D to B. This space contraction is continuous throughout the orbit and gives the illusion that the Moon is travelling in a circle. The Moon is trapped forever and moves along a line beginning and ending
at point A. The space along this line is wrapped around the mass of the Earth
Mar 4, 2020
If gravity is caused by the deformation of space, then the deformation will not be spherical. This is because the earth's orbit is NOT an ellipse. Planetary orbits are composed of two rotations, not one. If you cut earth's orbit, and stretch it out into a line, you will find a one turn helix, with a diameter of 3 million miles. In other words, the circumference of a planetary orbit, is a one turn helix. It's a small rotation, that is perpendicular to the large sun rotation. A rotation, within a rotation.

The space distortion would have to be VERY complex, to satisfy this trajectory.

But our science still believes that orbits are elliptical. So space time is what your instructor is looking for.

When we track planets, we only plot X and Y. We don't plot Z. One needs radar to plot Z.