Governments Guidelines from March 16th

Mar 23, 2020
I live in Oregon and today was the first day I have heard about this and I read the news a lot. It seems some states got the message out and others did not or did not effectively. Where it stands right now, this will be 100% ineffective.

I think we 2 options. Force a 30 day quarantine even at the borders or let it run it's course and use fed money to hire many people kind of like a draft to help with healthcare as well as get infrastructure, supplies, etc in place fast. There will be a lot of misery with option 2 but the world has seen far worse in the past.

I also think large corporation with with massive cash on hand help foot the bill. While great minds created those companies, we the people/consumer made that happen along with underpaid employees. They would all make a comeback I am sure but how to make that happen and be fair.