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Jul 2, 2020
A very interesting and meaningful warning by podcast from Glenn Greenwald in Nov 2020 about whats happening today in all the news media.

Glenn Greenwald is a long standing critic of Donald Trump and has also expressed strong concerns about the actions of President Bush as well as the way the imbalance of power has grown over time in Washington

The intro says -

No journalist is more relentlessly iconclastic than Glenn Greenwald, who shared a 2014 Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on the Edward Snowden revelations. Nick Gillespie spoke with Greenwald via Zoom at Greenwald'shouse in Brazil, where he lives with his husband, two children, and numerous dogs.

2020 Podcast link below

Separately a perspective from Jan 2017 before Donald Trump took office and also a Reason podcast with Glenn Greenwald has serious criticism of both Donald Trump and the the imbalance of power in Washington

2017 Podcast below

The question to ask is has there been a check of the imbalance of power in Washington since the 2016 election ?
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Nov 12, 2020
Very interesting and timely comments. This fall season in the U.S. has been numbing of mind as well as body. The societal hatreds; the pandemic lock downs; the senseless riots, and the pervasive paranoias are grotesquely reflected in the Congress, the Administration and the political parties. The incoming administration is tainted by charges of significant election fraud portending another four years of acrimony to the overall detriment of the country. The net result is a striking realization on the part of most citizens of the moral and rapacious economic corruption in Washington, DC, and many of the state governments. Frighteningly, civil division and secreting weapons appears to be a priority rather than reaffirming Constitutional processes and using the political systems to rid governments of entrenched, self-gratifying politicians and bureaucrats. Any more sanguine comments to the contrary are looked for and appreciated.


Aug 15, 2020
The imbalance of power in Washington since the 2016 election and before is a fundamental challenge to democracy in the USA.

This is something that is above and beyond party politics.

Many Dems claimed the 2016 elections were a fraud and many Republicans have done the same in 2020.

Who has won and lost any particular election is not really the central point.

It is clear the election system process is in many ways broken. At least many from both parties have stated this in some detail and done so in a way that is beyond just anger at an election loss.

The election winners and losers have not addressed the previous election failings. This is anti democratic

The power of interest groups to effect elections is clear

Interest groups include wall street, old media, big pharma, big tech, military and industrial groups, the defense intelligence community (FBI CIA NSA and others) the NRA and many others including the Universities

All these groups in some way are trying to influence the outcome of the election either by the actions they take or the delaying of actions or disclosing information or controlling what is discussed and restricting what they dont like even if it is the truth

If the purpose of the elections is for the will of the people of the USA to be reflected then the selecting or influencing or hiding of what information the people of the USA get to enable them determine their will seems clearly to be inappropriate to some degree or other.

As Glenn Greenwald pointed out The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) lawyers now seek to support the banning of books. In the old days the lawyers of the ACLU fought for the rights of all to speak and march even when they like most in the USA objected to the views being expressed by those marchers.

It increasingly looks like we live in societies of cronayism.

China is a crony communist system, Russia has Putin, the western world seems to operate an increasingly crony capitalist or socialist system depending where you live which is more about power and control than what is best for the people.

Popularizm may be the reaction to this.

How the state responds to popularizm can be seen in Hong Kong or the Tiananmen Square Massacre follow up.

Today the state response in very multi layered.

In China those with power seek to protect their iron rice bowel. Their income and benefits.

In the west the European Union tries to stop different opinions on its future and expand its role in the world without seeking a referendum from its people about what the EU should be - a United Federal State or an economic bloc

Some group must be making and directing policy. Who that really is no one knows

To help remove the problems in the USA system the funding of all political parties and those seeking public office should be limited to free donations made from public tax funds allocated by each individual registered voter and made via the IRS.

No voter will pay any money they will just make a nomination which the IRS will pay from public taxes

There should be a maximum allowed per person, payments would be nominated by anyone who is a registered voter to a person or party they are allowed to vote for within their state whether they pay tax or not

So it would be a free payment made by the IRS.

If people do not select a payment then the funds would be automatically divided equally amongst each of those they could have voted for allocating the total fixed amount in a percentage system based on the number of people represented by the elected official from the each candidate for President of the USA down to their local area elected posts and candidates.

This system could be modified to include things such as public funding for local meetings at which registered candidates should publicly present their platforms within guidelines.

In general terms politicians should not be able to get any financing other than from Congress mandated public funds and the same rules apply to all

This type of system would liberate voters and politicians and elected officials from interest groups and help bring in politicians who depend on the people not interest groups.

This would help address the imbalance of power in Washington since the 2016 election and before

A failure to address these matters will lead to more control by interest groups.

It seems clear that as the interest groups support politicians financially politicians do what the interest groups want

The difference between different party policies is now getting smaller or zero in many significant areas. That means no real choice

In the end or even now the changing of which party is in power will make little meaningful difference to the key policies that change thinking and society.

Knowledge, information, financing and communication are the keys to power.

Countries in the long term cannot be ruled against their will by military force so states wish to control the information to get people to agree on the state agenda.

But why is the state agenda set and by whom should it be influenced.

We can only base our decisions on what we reasonably know, expect or experience. This information needs to be as balanced as possible to have real meaning

China is a good example of how controlling information and politicians by a central authority works.

In todays world we are all moving backwards towards systems that control what citizens know and what is appropriate for citizens to know.

Who shapes that message changes. In China its the communist party in the USA poweful business groups support both the main parties and shape the policies.

The democrats used to be supported by the Unions and the republicans by wall street and big business. For many years wall street and big business has now supported the democrats

Politicians and government employees need to know they will be held to account for doing wrong.

This in many ways does not happen.

President Bush and weapons of mass destruction is one simple example. The Clintons and their Clinton foundation with financing from foreign Governments around the world which stopped after the Clintons lost political influence is another example of wrong doing not being checked or acounted for. There are many more examples

We need to change the controls before it is too late otherwise we will all be controlled without knowing it even more than already happens, and so suffer regardless of the political view we may currently hold or believe.

In George Orwell's 1984 the power groups of countries changed sides in their wars against each other as the media message was changed.

We are not so far from that type of world in the last 30+ years and still remain there.

After the fall of the Berlin Wall Russia became accepted and eventually so did China then there was a public sweep back of Russian acceptance

I believe neither country probably should ever have been supported as they were until they showed real change and stopped abusing their citizens.

However those in power had other views that went against the public statements and actions

In 2015 a CIA officer published a CIA cleared book see link below setting out the US-China link went back long before Joe Biden back to the senior President Bush and before

How many people know that the CIA worked with China since the 1970s to spy and fight against Russia and got China to send weapons to both the Afghans and the South African backed anti-Cubans in Angola the forces doing the main fighting against Russian backed regimes in the 1980s

Additionslly President Bush sent a high ranking mission to China just after the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989 to say that the USA wanted to maintain relations with China or effectively the Chinese Communist Party. President Bush lived in China with his wife for some years as a US representative and visited China almost annually after the end of his term as President

See link below

The joint US-Chinese operations included the major electronic spying program in China, code-named Chestnut, that targeted the Soviet Union and now Russia, as well as covert shipments of Chinese arms to Afghan rebels battling Soviet forces and anti-Cuban rebels in Angola.

Most amazingly China, according to the book, supported Afghan rebel attacks inside the Soviet Union until CIA lawyers ended the strikes as overly provocative

The disclosures of clandestine U.S.-China intelligence cooperation dating to the 1970s are likely to embarrass Beijing. China frequently attacks the CIA for allegedly fomenting democratic revolution in China and for supporting the exiled Tibetan leader the Dalai Lama, whom China designated as a major enemy.

The disclosures that are said to have upset Beijing the most, however, were related to a CIA-led operation to arm 50,000 anti-Vietnam rebels in Cambodia .... jointly conducted with Chinese assistance with Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore......Mr. Pillsbury wrote, adding that the cooperation revealed China’s strategy for weakening a strong “hegemon,” a strategy that is likely being used today against the United States.

The strategy calls for attacking the hegemon’s vulnerabilities, convincing others to do the fighting and attacking the allies of the declining hegemon.

I hope these thoughts help some people consider the world we live in so we can move in a positive way and seek changes to stop the Washington imbalance.

I hope everyone can find a good, honest and peaceful way forward with a government and military working for and defending the interests of people not for some interest group or groups agenda

To show a simple example of how far back in recent times these problems go and to understand why accountability is so important we can look to the JFK assassination.

In one way it does not matter who killed JFK what matters is how the government dealt with it and what files and information were destroyed and altered by those without the authority or legal power to do so

We do now know the Secret Service and others destroyed Kennedy files and hid information related in some way to the the assassination as late as the 1990s

It is stated in the public record that the Secret Service destroyed JFK files for events covering the months around and including the day of the JFK assassination despite being told in writing by the National Archieve it was illegal to destroy any JFK files.

What is more we know the Secret Service destroyed these files 1 week before they were legally obliged to turn over the files to Congressional Investigators.

The Secret Service admitted in writing that files were destroyed and that the files included the information about protection actions taken at events JFK attended before his assassination.

No one was held to account for destroying these files.

These Secret Service actions reflect and are indicative of the deeper long term problem and attitude within government and the agencies of state which needs to be reversed.

No one is held to account even for such an obvious failing and this clearly shows the system is working against the peoples right to know what has been done in their name

For more information on what the Secret Service did and the lack of accountability related to what happened to JFK see the link below

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Nov 12, 2020
Many thanks for this rational, common sense article for American election reform and fairness. I agree fully with the sundry points. As noted, the array of special interests which at times engage in hysterical beliefs, linear outcome projections, unscrupulous political behavior, and overt barbarity pose a daunting if not impossible challenge for "fair" elections and a constitutionally based U.S. government. Similarly, the global world communities are riven with paranoia, fear, distrust, hatreds, rapacious greed and fierce competition for resources and dominance within and outwardly. In such an environment, having/seeking to "Make a Deal with The Devil has had untoward consequences which spilled over into U.S. politics and society. E.G.: The "End justifies the Means" mentality, the politicized MSM, and the Inquisition like cancel culture. The harshness of Valley Forge and the Civil War may pale in the face of the brutal, proposed social/government changes that could redefine the U.S. Constitution. I neither have nor see an answer to counter such forces.


Jul 2, 2020
There is a really interesting video talk about how all things in human history repeats... it also looks at ethics.....

It focuses on Winston Churchill and the 3 volumed book he wrote on the Duke of Marlborough who lived around the 1700s........ it shows how the study of Marlborough's experiences in growing up, politics and war led Churchill to be able to see what Hitler would become and why.....

If you watch the videos you will see the same lessons apply today as applied before but we ignor them.... China, Europe, USA

Churchill shared these observations and his book with President Roosevelt long before Churchill became Prime Minister

Roosevelt thanked Churchill kept the 3 volumed book in his office and took Vol 1 of the book to various meetings including Yalta.....the booked is signed at various meetings by Roosevelt or Churchill with notations and is mentioned in other letters between them


In the 1960s Esinhower warned of the military industrial complex..... today that complex includes all parts of society - media tech finance intelligence industrial academic pharma and scientific interest groups

However none of this is openly discussed or seriously investigated.....

So is it surprising people dont know how to deal with complex issues that reach outside their immediate survival ....

If we dont change our thinking what happens next.......

Remember all human experience has happened before....... CIA spying on USA in the 1960s and assassinations of Castro and others planned or completed in the USA and South America etc ....Edward Snowden, ....... Nixon / Watergate, Iran / Contras, etc


Videos 1, 2 and 3 below



Every choice we make leaves a mark on our soul -

There is an interesting 5 minute video where students discuss character and ethics - its all linked.

People and institutions with out ethics manipulate

How many people focus enough on ethics and character as part of their day to day lives not just for show or the good opinion of others ?

If we do or not behave with ethics what is the effect......on us as individuals and societies and does this effect the respective mental health of our societies and us ?

The UN says we face a growing mental health crisis


Next - an interesting video from Emmy award winning journalist who worked for CNN, CBS and PBS on why we need to check the information we read - media censorship and journalism


21st Feb 2021 lecture at Hillsdale College which is an independent institution of higher learning founded in 1844

Sharyl Attkisson Author, Slanted: How the News Media Taught Us to Love Censorship and Hate Journalism This speech was given at a National Leadership Seminar on February 19, 2021, in Phoenix, Arizona

To show how long this has been going on also watch this 2015 video by the same journalist who worked as a top award winning reporter at CNN, CBS and PBS

March 10, 2015: Author of Stonewalled: My Fight for Truth Against the Forces of Obstruction, Intimidation and Harassment in Washington

Emmy-award winner Sharyl Attkisson has been a journalist for more than 20 years. During that time she has exposed scandals and covered controversies under both Republican and Democratic administrations.

The Emmy-award winner spoke of how she was the target of hacking and surveillance while reporting in Washington DC and offered an incisive critique of the media and the shrinking role of investigative journalism in today’s world.


Could it be that the increasing levels of mental health issues including depression are at least partly a result of not being able to question openly and honestly society's ethics, including the fake news and media manipulation by all political parties and the combination of media tech finance intelligence industrial academic pharma and scientific interest groups...

Today we are all labelled and not allowed to openly discuss the right or left wing media messages without being attacked by one side or the other as being a propagandist

We live in a world where we know we are being misled and lied to about many serious issues including the synthetic opiate crisis and how these drugs get into the USA from Chinese pharma, the benefits and drawbacks of GMO to what Edward Snowden or Wikileaks uncovered about the NSA, CIA and how politicians operate are financed controlled and manipulated .........
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