Geneticist Adam Rutherford on how eugenics, 'Darwin's monster', took over the world

Apr 2, 2020
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I preferred the old (mostly) unbiased, click-bait-free science site I've had as homepage for over a decade.
I'm as liberal as they come but I don't understand why to talk of news, let alone science news, politics or stretching the truth to fit an agenda, etc. has to be a part of it.
To even say "involuntary sterilizations of Uyghurs in China and detainees in U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention centers" is irresponsible and incorrect.
I'm not doing the homework for anyone (because I remember 2-3 years ago and the final outcome. Not from FOX news but because the story just suddenly disappeared) but when you do, good luck finding any article that doesn't say "forced sterilizations" or mention the number 60,000.
The Uyghurs and China are the real story there, not exaggerated claims made by a former ICE camp nurse.
Jan 15, 2023
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Adam Rutherford’s new book takes readers on a journey into genetics's dark past.

Geneticist Adam Rutherford on how eugenics, 'Darwin's monster', took over the world : Read more
Has there been any evidence that degeneration of the human genetic code is and has taken place? I theorize that this code has been degraded and is currently providing less than healthy human beings such as unsustainable mindsets of perversion and lawlessness pervading society at an accelerated rate unlike any in history.
I believe a bottleneck of sorts is occurring and causing turmoil concerning genetic degeneration and the effect it's having worldwide. The current explosion of everything "woke" which translates as perversion on many levels, is no phenomena of this era but a maturation of sorts involving a progressive withering of healthy genetic code.
Whatever it is, it began in the early 60's and prior. The seeds of this debacle were sown and have been enabled to mature by humankind. The genome has been corrupted and the "tares" are challenging the remaining healthy populations in aggressive fashion.
This isn't going away or transforming as in past times. It's either here to stay and become ever stronger or they are stopped in a purge likened to certain ant species clearing the nest of substandard entities; Even they are naturally programed to disallow degradation of the majority by the unneeded ones.
We on the other hand are not of the natural makeup this world provides.