Future medicine may have met its match: bacteria is back

Nov 26, 2019
I thought our bodies are composed roughly 75 percent bacteria. As such, wouldn’t a strong bacteria prove the strength of our bodies?
Jan 1, 2020
Ive found that soundwaves and vibrations have more benificial effects then medication ever has. I would advise people to veiw "40 hertz the magic frequency ted talk" and see what might be possible sooner then later in terms of countering illnesses WITHOUT medications ..... whats possible include fibromyalgia alzheimers and a variety of mental disorders... phantom pain and much much more ... all with vibrational frequencies. And the more important thing... all test patients saw improvement. All of them
And that was 23 minutes of therapy a day and no pain tons of gain. Thats incredible. Simply incredible.
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Jan 6, 2020
I mean really, bacteria, REALLY?
No idea how long we can keep ahead of this stuff, although we've been living on the planet with them for untold millions of years...
Looks like bacteria is becoming an apex predator:
Bacteria as climax predators are as ancient as human history. Ultimately simple genetic techniques and vaccines are and/or will become the most reliable method of thwarting bacterial evolution's frustration of antibiosis.
Again, I suggest an agent providing a "1... 2" genetic approach for the most resistant bacteria: genetically identify the strain involved; remove the first adenine/guanine or thymine/cytosine across dual strand on the plasmid following the first "start" triplet, throwing off the nucleotide count and dooming the organism.

Vaccination against more commonly found stains like vibrio and MRSA will of course reduce incidence.

The challenge at this point is to develop fast, reliable diagnostic genetic identification tequniques and an arsenal of prepared specialized genetic agents against all identified fulminating and/or treatment resistant strains.
Mar 6, 2020
I think it is more important to try to activate our immunity than to produce more antibiotics
Antibodies are a product of our immunity. By activating your immunity, your B lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, produce antibodies to remove the bacteria from the body.