Flu season is getting weirder

Apr 4, 2020
Honestly I get tired of posting this. No one cares about real science. We all know why its getting weirder but for some reason get lumped in with crazy anti vaxxers....

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It is clear you don't understand WHY and HOW herd immunity is proposed to lead to increased genetic drift. The vaccination only leads to RELATIVELY higher abundance of infections of freshly mutated versions of the virus BECAUSE the existing forms in the vaccine have trouble finding a host in the now-vaccinated population. In other words, if you did not vaccinate, the ONLY reason the number of cases due to new viral variants would be lower is because YOU WOULD SEE ACTUAL INFECTION RATES OF ALL TYPES INCREASE. The goal of treating flu should be reducing deaths and reducing infections in general. Only an outright sociopath would want to see those numbers go UP just so the mutation rate can go down. If you have a pathological obsession with mutation rates to the extent it is divorced from the actual NET impact on people, that is your PERSONAL problem, not a public health problem.