Florida releasing genetically modified mosquitoes to prevent diseases like Zika

Aug 22, 2020
IMHO, completely/permanently eradicating all diseases & parasites should/must be a common shared long term goal for whole humanity!
Each disease/parasite keep causing massive damage/loss/cost/labor to humanity, absolutely for sure!
Keep fighting against each/all (& keep suffering/losing) "for rest of eternity" is NOT a good/smart option, very obviously!

Especially, mosquitoes are carriers of many extremely dangerous diseases & parasites
& they do NOT have any essential function in nature (which cannot be done by many other insects)!
& so they should/must be one of highest priority targets to completely/permanently/globally eradicate!

(& of course, it would not be easy/quick/cheap! But, it is vitally important that we keep trying new ideas/solutions!)