Facebook Live Event - Coronavirus Q&A Hosted By Live Science Staff

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Nov 20, 2019
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Nov 12, 2019
Hello there!
I have compiled a list of questions from our users from various threads on the forums, in case folks don't get around to posting here themselves.
Thanks so much - looking forward to seeing the Facebook Live event tomorrow!

Is this a virus created in a lab that got out of control?

What sorts of masks really work for avoiding infection?

Masks are selling out - can we use a super fine weave cloth such as silk, doubled or tripled?

What IS a "wet market?" How is the virus being spread there?

Why aren't the "wet markets" in China more regulated, given that this sort of outbreak has happened in the past?

Why do bats get blamed for so many viruses? What makes them such a strong breeding ground for new viruses?

Can apes/monkeys carry this coronavirus? Can any other animals act as carriers?

Can we really stop this virus from spreading, considering how easy it is to travel the world?

Assuming that a vaccine is created, is it even possible to create and distribute the doses fast enough vaccinate the majority of the world?

Who is going to be in charge of creating the vaccine, the WHO or individual governments?

What about the anti-vaccination faction of the public? Will we see a move to create laws regarding vaccinations?

The mortality rate seems to be pretty high, percentage-wise. Is the percentage increasing or decreasing as the outbreak goes on?

Assuming hospitals will be overrun in many places, what are the best ways to treat a patient at home?

Should schools be shut down in any area where infection is found?

How is this affecting China's workplaces and economy? It doesn't seem sustainable to keep employees at home for most companies.