Europe's last hunter-gatherers had sophisticated societies that helped them avoid inbreeding

Apr 22, 2020
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The subject line on this email from Live Science read "Europe's last hunter-gatherers were careful not to interbreed."

The article, of course, turned out to be about inbreeding.

You guys know that inbreeding and interbreeding are opposites, right? Is this whole site written by a half-trained AI? Or, maybe it should be written by an AI, which would be less likely to make this kind of careless mistake. Are there any professional writers in the house?
Mar 23, 2023
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What I also dislike is that the hypothesis, a far stretch given the long time period and paucity of samples, is stated in the headline as fact. All too often in the popularizing of archaeology and paleontology there is insufficient weight given to the uncertainty that accompanies many if not most theories. Recent experience with COVID-19 suggests that few amongst us in the non-scientific community are capable of dealing with scientific uncertainty - but that does not mean we should pretend that it does not exist.