Question Endless Amount of big bang's ?

Good day from Europe,

I hope you can apologize my "Central European English".

When I was searching for a forum with the latest discussion regarding the big bang theory, Google shows this kind of platform.

First let me say that I am just an interested engineer from the telecommunications industry, without any real education about any cosmic effects.

So, when I was searching these days a quite interesting documentary on Netflix, I was wondering when I heard about ONE big bang.

Look, I like to use some kind of a philosophic approach for this one to ask myself, where does the space come from.

If you just say it with easy words, if there was no room before the big bang, how can something like the big band happen?

For my physical understanding, we need a room or space that anything can happen.

My idea is, what if there was always a big bang before the other, what if an infinite number of Universe existed before our (last) big bang?

Maybe due to any physically reason the 'complete' galaxy collapsed again and again after a certain time like 20 kkkk ..years.

For my understanding, the room or space for this infinite loop must exist since ever, one of the exciting question would be than, who was the first one in this room and how does it comes to life?
Dec 16, 2020
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This question, as far as I know, also worries physicists and other scientists. And now there are two additional assumptions to the big bang theory. The first is very similar to yours. In simple terms, it says that our universe is infinite and over time it will collapse back into a singularity and there will be the next big bang, and so an infinite number of times. But this does not explain the original appearance of the singularity. The second option is the theory of the Multiverse.

But this theory is still referred to as pseudoscience, although it was put forward more than 50 years ago by a physicist, and not by some journalist. So far, scientists themselves can neither understand nor agree. The big bang theory only recently agreed to be considered as the main theory.
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