Question Ebola and Covid-19 - the lessons we might look into

Jul 2, 2020
Can lessons be learned from the 2014 ebola pandemic and Covid-19 - both were about 96-97% similar to their nearest known viruses.

An open discussion about risky virus research is one thing that would be helpful.

What evidence is there that risky viral research speeded up vaccine development

In this video, Dr Jonathan Latham, PhD, a serious genetic and virologist researcher with a strong academic background in gene manipulation shares insights into the functioning and organization of the various elements that constitute the Pandemic Virus Industrial Complex (PVIC). How do its academic, military, and commercial aspects interact? Who, if anyone, pulls the strings?


A very interesting review of virus research, virus outbreaks and how the outbreaks and viral origins have been obscured.

A Doctors without Borders / MSF report placed the likely origin of the 2014 ebola outbreak as of March 2014 at a location 200km from a virus research center funded since 2005 by US Army and others in Kenema, Sierra Leone on the West Coast of Africa. This 2014 ebola strain was 97% similar to the original 1976 Zaire ebola virus which was found in a region around 3000km by plane / 6000kms by road away from Kenema.

Given ebola is very infectious it is strange there were no outbreaks along the way if the virus travelled naturally from Central Africa to the West Coast.

It sounds a bit of a similar story to that of Covid-19s nearest wild virus found 1000 kms away from Wuhan but with no outbreaks of infection between the 2 locations or near the wild source location.

At least lets consider the possibilities
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