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Dragonflies ... where have they gone ?

Nov 26, 2019
I have always been an observer of Nature ... all aspects. In 2008, after being given a small Olympus 6000 camera, and while mowing the lawn, I had the good fortune to photograph a Dragonfly up close. Not content with the photograph alone, I had to know what species, and any/all information relating to them. That began a yearly hunt for all 100 + species in New England. For the first few years I encountered (in Ma.) fields and pond edges, etc. with hundreds, in some instances thousands, of Dragons of various species. Then, a few years ago those numbers began to shrink. Not just during a portion of their season, but throughout their yearly life span [~ April to Nov]. The past three years they have all but disappeared. In the field where I routinely saw hundreds and at times far more ... this year during prime time and weather I found a total (!) of ... six. No species of Dragon appears to be unaffected. I cannot see that it's weather related ... not across an entire season. Rather, I suspect their forage base has collapsed. In watching for e.g. midges and even mosquitos the past two years I've seen very (!) few. Has anyone else seen this rapid and dramatic decline in Dragon numbers ... and, are there other potential explanations ? I'd be interested to hear them. Thanks, Q.
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Nov 19, 2019
Gosh I can't remember the last time I saw a dragonfly, their must be a center that tracks species like that?