'Doomsday Glacier' could meet its doom within 3 years

Sep 6, 2020
I accept climate change is happening and am currently of the opinion we have, and continue to significantly contribute to this; my reservations are data and information releases that appear contradictory or allow outright non-believers to exploit data and if I am reading the link correctly, this gives the potential for mis-information...

From the article-
"'Doomsday Glacier' could meet its doom within 3years";

"Thwaites Glacier is roughly the size of Florida, and holds enough ice to raise sea levels over two feet. "

"Over the last decade, observations of Thwaites showed that the glacier is changing more dramatically than any other ice and ocean system in Antarctica "

"more than 100 scientists in the United States and the United Kingdom are collaborating on eight research projects to observe the glacier "

I couldn't find a great link for COP26 on sea level rises, but have this from the belw link

"It estimated there will be a further increase of between 28 and 55cm by 2100 if greenhouse gas emissions are kept “very low”, 44 to 76cm in an intermediate emissions scenario, and 63cm to 1.01 metres with a “very high” one. "

My question is, following 10 years of research into the Thwaites Glacier and its impending doom that would raise sea levels by 2ft, why has COP26s summaries reported their CO2 emission targets for 2030 (8+ years from now) would only increase sea levels by a maximum of 55cm by 2100; moreover, the worst case scenario from COP26 is Thwaites melts and there are no other global impacts to affect sea level rises.