Question Does quarantine work if your roommate goes to the river around multiple unmasked people, even if they claim they stayed 6 feet away?

May 19, 2020
My roommate goes to the river around unmasked people however we are supposed to be in quarantine and I haven't hugged my girlfriend in over a month bc I was trying to be safe. Is there any real danger here to myself and if so what's the difference in me physically touching my girlfriend bc she goes to work and is potentially exposed.

I guess I'm just wondering about reality of exposure and if I'm continuing to quarantine when there is no reason if they are coming and going anyways.

Example : My roommate goes to the river, says she stayed away from everyone and found a quiet spot away from everyone, and then comes back to the home and community space we share. Is my bubble still safe ?
May 20, 2020
I think if your room mate is going to the river, away from everyone, the risk of her catching the virus is low, because of the fresh air, the UV light, etc. But I'm not entirely sure about transmission through the water. I would imagine it's a low risk though.

If your girlfriend is going to work I imagine there is more risk from being in physical contact with her, sadly, but hopefully not for too long.