Do We Live in a Quantum World?

Nov 26, 2019
I 100% believe that the Quantum World does exist, and all mass is created from the identical processes replicated through nature and the universe. As they predict "If you can understand Quantum, then you understand the Universe". If you zoom out and look at the structure of a Galaxy and the mechanics of how stars are made, then zoom in to see how stars create planets, the process is the same, and by studying the formation of the precise mechanics of these two systems then similarities and common factors start to appear. But the missing piece related to what some theorists call string theory is at play from a minuscule size to the gigantic. (These theory's are not far off the mark and not as complicated as they think!)

Science has overlooked this very simple mechanism right from the beginning, and not relating it to the mechanics of the systems at play, but can be seen visibly in many forms all over the universe and right here on Earth. This is soon be revealed, and the missing link will change science as we know it forever!
Dec 2, 2019
At some point, the rules of the subatomic give way to the rules of the macroscopic. But how? We're not exactly sure, and it's been a long, strange journey in trying to answer that question.

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Dec 3, 2019
No mention here of the requirement for a self-aware observer, as described in the Copenhagen Interpretation, to measure a quantum event before the wavefunction collapses superposition into a material manifestation of actual existence. Did our Universe exist other than virtually by probability before human beings evolved with consciousness? The alternative to this requirement is acceptance of the infinite multiverse. The alternative to both is a reversal of conventional wisdom’s assertion that life & consciousness somehow emerged from nonliving matter, instead that matter, then life & local consciousness, arose from Cosmic Consciousness, the ground of all Being associated with a purely abstract mathematical structure for Reality (see Max Tegmark’s Our Mathematical Universe), as proposed by theoretical physicist Amit Goswami in Our Self-Aware Universe.