Do we have active math because a black hole rotates twin prime columns that are positive and negative?

Dec 23, 2019
6^an(+-)1 * 6^bn(+-)1 will only pull placeholder primes because primes do not use multiples. 25, 35, and 49 are the first three placeholders.

6n-1 * 6n-1 = 5 * 5 = 25

6n-1 * 6n+1 = 5 * 7 = 35

6n+1 * 6n+1 = 7 * 7 = 49

{ - | 0 | + }

6n-1 | 6n | 6n+1

You get prime placeholders (location in column that isn’t a prime) from active multiplication. Subatomic Energy Levels can't use numbers that are actively multiplying.

I think the prime columns is a 2D side view representation of a compass needle spinning as it advances rows.

I knew Math was actively multiplying numbers, maybe this is the method it uses to do that.

Maybe all the rows have a needle that spin at the same speed but start at different angles.

This virtual cylinder is Math's calculator.

There are imaginary and decimal numbers being multiplied outside the scope of the 2D view.

So is this also a container for quantum information? Does every sub container have a running program like this running in it or just the root?

Is time/age set per parent container?

Do ideas/memories get their own containers?

Is literally everything in a tree of quantum information containers?

Are quantum waves outside the tree? Decoherence adds it to one?

Do the row needles stay static but the cylinder rotates causing multiplication to occur?

Could a Black Hole be the rotation to the root of our tree? The hole is causing the "cylinder" to spin via magnetism.

Does my mathematical rotation equation fit into this?
Golden ratio * X²⁺ⁿ / Pi = 0.1% increase

X²⁺ⁿ is 700 cycles of a number being multiplied by itself. It has a repeating pattern when looking at the first digit of every result. It is a mathematical map of a bifurcation diagram. I can predict when a bifurcation will occur with: Golden ratio * X²⁺ⁿ / Feigenbaum constant.

Math objects are prime containers with sub levels. Everything inside a math object is entangled.

Does the quantum/classical boundary have something to do with the number of sub levels used?

Are placeholder primes, places where containers with levels can not form?

Do prime columns represent the available containers for quantum information per level?

Is this the database structure of reality?

Quantum computers are known to be very good at database work this related?

Quantum information containers are what is waving in unobserved/coherent waves.

When two atoms become entangled, are you getting two sets of prime columns inside a container? {[- 0 +][- 0 +]}

Looks like Qubits to me. Would we gain anything with quantum computers if we modeled the databases after prime columns while avoiding the same placeholders (or the opposite, maybe the placeholders with active multiplication is a better spot to add information)? Could we simulate reality better?

Can we find a pattern to primes if we consider the column rows Qubits?

Is this showing how entangled particles end up with opposite spins after decoherence?

{ [ - 0 + ] }
{ [- 0 +] 0 [- 0 +] }

It also explains why it is faster than light ..both particles are in the same quantum information container.

Is 5 solar masses the limit to one of these containers? Do the sub containers explode out onto the surface area of a Black Hole?

A Black Hole is beyond the max file size limit nature/reality can handle.

There is a minimal file size limit to be automatically decohered.

Atoms of the same physical object are entangled with each other.

The pattern for primes is the pattern for any type of quantum information container. These three columns is the template for all information.
Dec 23, 2019
Does Dirac's equation have something to do with my positive and negative twin prime columns?


Did Dirac show us that negative absolute zero would produce a different type of energy?

Matter and Antimatter are neutralizing on the Subatomic Energy Levels that electrons do not form.

Magnetic Dipole Moment

The center column (neutral) is Time = Now

The answer to why Electromagnetic fields are always at right-angles is somewhere in this thread.

Does one propagate from the beginning to wave collapse and the other start at the current position of the wave front and snake its way back to the beginning?

Or they are both in a quantum information container in the shape of sphere?

Are there a zillion spheres back to back representing time? Does each sphere represent a mathematical cycle?

A photon is EM inside a spherical quantum information container traveling in space.
Electric and Magnetic are swapping positive and negative per row. The right angles are from the spherical surface directed at the center of itself.
Coherent/unobserved waves are not contained.
Dec 23, 2019
I think we could explain electromagnetic strength with twin prime columns/rows

Hello? We now have an answer to why atoms are the size that they are.

Input space of an imaginary vertical line of 2i to -2i walks around half the Unit circle (radius of 1) in output space
if (1/2)ti

I think this walk is related to an electric or magnetic wave activity (positive to negative) inside its container.

Is input to output transformation, decoherence?

Is input and output two sides of the same coin? Wave-Particle duality?

Complex functions that have a derivative everywhere are "Analytic" = Angle-preserving
EM waves have 90 degrees

Does this answer the million dollar Riemann hypothesis question?

It will tell us which points get mapped to the origin after transformation (input to output)

The prime columns have something to do with the critical line.

-1 transforms to -1/12, the prime columns are all about 6, half of 12
Dec 23, 2019
Twin Primes might not be the only columns worth considering. Columns with every row being { -1 | 0 | +1 } might be the root to everything.
Tree with sub containers:

{[         -1          |  0  |         +1          ]}
{[  -1     |0|    +1   ] [0] [  -1     |0|    +1   ]}
{[-1|0|+1] [0] [-1|0|+1] [0] [-1|0|+1] [0] [-1|0|+1]}

[-  0  +]
[0  1  2]
[1  2  3]
[3  4  5]
[5  6  7]
So it starts as a row advance as +1 then +2, then prime columns with +6

I think I just completed the top of the prime columns.

Are there infinite twin primes?

Yes, the compass needle of the columns never stops moving.


Does this illustrate the polarity of EM waves? Does this illustrate a sphere cut-a-way of a Black Hole?

Golden ratio * X²⁺ⁿ / Feigenbaum constant gives incremental 360 results

Golden ratio * X²⁺ⁿ / Pi = 0.1% increase

the extra 0.1 might be what happens advancing to the next row.

Electrons are negative so electric waves are likely on the negative side of the needle.

Is this needle the core to everything?

What if this was run at the beginning of time? Would that mean there are numbers that don't exist yet? Is there something still advancing down the columns?

Would the CMB tell us or did Math start before spacetime?

Does each rotation equate to Time? And/Or mathematical rotations/cycles? How far does an EM wave make it per polarity swap? Do unobserved waves rely on cycles instead of time to propagate?

How ironic is it that mathematical cycles have a clock face?

700 calculations per cycle = 360 degrees

I just proved Math and unobserved waves don't use Time ..yet no one gives a F.

Is Time even a thing for us solid objects? Should we replace Time with these cycles?

It was foretold I would bring about the end of Time, I didn't think it would be like this.

Inside a Black Hole is the source of the Neutral column of our root container. The + - is from the rotation of the Black Hole. We wouldn't have "Time" without the rotation ..nothing would be physical. There wouldn't be a tree of information.
-1 | 0 | +1
negative | neutral | positive
I question if only the root/black hole has the neutral column.

Could we mimic a black hole by generating a neutral gap in spacetime? This would have unbelievable potential.

Does the entropy ..quantum information on the surface of a black hole have something to do with our tree?

A Black Hole is a Neutron Star creating a Neutral gap in Spacetime.

Are neutral neutrons how the information tree is spread? When we are detecting neutrons, are we looking at the dust in a holographic projector?

Do neutrinos create what we see as physical as they pass through? Is this the dust or is it a combination to give us the effect?

This reality is information based. The neutral column in the middle of twin prime columns is telling us something.

I would love to know the age of our closest Black Hole. This would be the age of our reality. What if the evangelicals had the right idea on how old we are?

Every Black Hole is surrounded by a new reality. Nothing goes past the event horizon because matter at that point is information returning to the source.
Dec 23, 2019
If we could mod EM strength for an atom, it would increase its size. An atom and a black hole are neutral inside ..we could harness the power of a black hole.

We might need to remove the protons. We would know after enlarging the atom.

Entropy is quantum information containers influencing their variables.

Is what we think of as a black hole singularity a more compact and massive neutron star creating a gap of neutral space? Is the event horizon rotating positive and negative quantum information?

Is there free energy in joining and separating quantum information containers (nuclear fission/splitting an atom)?

Is uncertainty related to the amount of neutrinos raining down?

Are neutrinos the medium for the holographic principle?
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Dec 23, 2019
Entropy is quantum information containers influencing their variables.

Is what we think of as a black hole singularity a more compact and massive neutron star creating a gap of neutral space? Is the event horizon rotating positive and negative quantum information?

Nuclear fission is quantum information containers joining ..same with separation, like the splitting of an atom energy.

Is uncertainty related to the amount of neutrinos raining down?

Are neutrinos the medium for the holographic principle?

Are neutrinos interacting with mass variables to automatically decohere matter? Is neutrino rain not plentiful enough to cover quantum particles? Is this why we have uncertainty? Do neutrinos reach dark matter? Is neutrino rain the holographic medium of reality?

Is a rotating Black Hole the quantum computer of our reality?
Is [-1 | 0 | +1] the database structure of our reality?

Heat is quantum information being passed to the next available quantum information container.

Incoherent light decoheres the surface, while neutrinos take care of the inside.

Does EM Vector space have vertices of [-1 | 0 | +1]?

Is the propagation of an EM wave, mathematical cycles (time) going vertex to vertex?

Does a Black Hole generate EM Vector space?

Is this Hawking radiation?
Is every vertex entangled to the Black Hole? Is that where it gets its instructions to swap positive with negative? (the compass spinning)
Does an EM wave have polarity only because the vertices are influencing them to look like they do?
I wonder what the distance is between vertex. How far does this network reach? Do coherent waves need it? Is this the network a decoherent object joins to be part of the information tree of a Black Hole? How are new active vertices added to the network cloud? Do they tunnel to the outer bounds?

A Black Hole is the heartbeat of all polarity.
A Black Hole is the reason waves wave.
A Black Hole is the reason for Time.
A Black Hole mixed with causes of decoherence is the reason Matter is Physical.

We wouldn't be here without a Black Hole.

EM vector space SpaceTime.
The bending of SpaceTime is Divergence and Curl.

An object not connected to a vertex in the network (aka spacetime) is not physical.
Dark Matter is an example.
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Dec 23, 2019
We could remove viruses from our reality by denying their quantum information access to the information tree. They wouldn't be able to be physical.

We either need to take control of the EM vector field in a volume of space or generate a neutral zone and create our own vector field. We would be creating our own mini reality that we make the rules. No viruses allowed.

Is this why we don't see intelligent aliens? They generate their own reality in which their entire planet is inserted?

Are we already living in a reality in which the rules (physics) were set by a "god"?

Is our "god" within the bounds of our reality? Is each Black Hole the potential to a different reality?

Are the rules/physics of our reality set in twin prime columns?

Is god just some dude from another galaxy?

Can we have flying cars if we figure out how to mod the EM vector field around an object?

Are we all the same person because someone fell into a Black Hole that got to set the rules and spread its soul? If realities are so easy to make, are we in purgatory or hell? Did we die?

We are just the product of our environment ..the experiences we had, consciousness is from a single source. One person dying is meaningless because we are just puppets from the same source. Anything living is linked back to the person in our Black Hole.

Men and Women represent Positive and Negative. Everything in this reality relates to Positive and Negative.

Or is god the soul of a Black Hole? Is each Black Hole a different god?

Is consciousness from the soul of a Black Hole? If physics and information is sourced from a Black Hole, is God all Black Holes?

The idea that we are living in God's brain wasn't far off.

Polarity, quantum Information Tree, Time (mathematical cycles), Brain ..this is God

We are memory creation puppets for a God.
There is only one consciousness ..we share the same soul.
Decoherence is an object observed by God.

Objects that join the tree of quantum information are observed by God. God can observe through us or anything that gets its attention (something that is already in the tree). I have to wonder if the tree of knowledge fits in somewhere.
I think every second of our lives are logged but when we die, that's it, we are just a memory. What is the purpose of all this? Are we just here to kill time for a God with nothing to do?

Is God going to get mad if I attempt to mod part of his reality? Surely he won't mind if we use it to cure the sick? Would flying cars be crossing the line? How about age reversal? Would a long life **** with his memory system?

Didn't Bob Lazar say alien spacecraft surrounded themselves with a field? Could it be my EM vector field? Did they figure out the code to mod the entangled vertex to give them the physics they wanted?
The alien ship footage that shows it going through water and not slowing down it in its own reality? Does their spin have something to do with my compass spin?

I know it is illegal to mention alien tech ..but you have to admit there might be a connection here with the reports we have.

Alien Tech seems to modify reality in the same fashion I just discovered.

Do you guys see part of Riemann Zeta Function in this?

The critical line is clearly my positive and negative columns

I think the Riemann Zeta Function is output ..decohered math and can be viewed from a different axis. The positive and negative sides of the critical line are mirror images. It doesn't split at 0 because we are not looking at it right.

We need to look at the input version of it.

Reality is God's quantum information database being projected with Time (mathematical cycles). 13.8 billion years ago was the restart of the reality we are in. Our future has already been recorded.

Maybe generating mini realities gets around this.

God's reality recorder writes data for anything that is physical. Anything that is decohered.

Is Uncertainty from objects that were not measured previously in recorded history of the reality recorder?

Does Uncertainty occur because objects that are not registered in the quantum information tree are not part of this reality?

If something hasn't decohered, is it included in our reality?

Unobserved quantum waves are not part of our reality

They are not included in the information tree that is projected with time each go around of this reality.
We probably have been through this 13.8 million times before. I have written this post 13.8 million times before. You should ask yourself how the Christians knew of my impending arrival.

Every millisecond is a holographic slideshow image that has all the information of the tree. We detect uncertainty because what we are measuring was not in the slideshow.