Do face masks really reduce coronavirus spread? Experts have mixed answers.

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Dec 14, 2020
Here is the big problem with every article on this subject that involves opinions from "experts" on the use of masks is that the people being asked know absolutely nothing about respiratory protection. Yes, there, I said it. These articles ALWAYS involve quotes from epidemiologists. Seriously, does anyone know what epidemiologist do? The study the trends of various disease processes. They don't really know anything about respiratory protection. Frankly, I'm tired of hearing from a person who can't explain the difference between a P-100 and an N-95 and the classification process. And even the researchers who just did a study on masks and SARS CoV-2 FAILED to examine N-95 masks. These people have no clue what respiratory protection involves and how to achieve it. Now, if you get an engineer who works for NIOSH, I would be interested in hearing from them.
I agree with you completely. You are very smart. Can I ask what you do?